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Tattoos with Meaning and Purpose

Here, we will talk about some common tattoos and their special meanings.
Mikkie Mills Oct 16, 2019
If you’re going to get a permanent tattoo, remember, it will be there for the rest of your life. So, it’s best to get one that has a lot of meaning for you instead of getting one just because your friend or someone you highly admire has it.

Tribal Symbology

These are still among the most requested. Probably because of a sense of belonging or the honor of being descended from an ancient tribe.
Whatever the reason today, simple geometric shapes have long been associated with indigenous tribes. In fact, they are believed to have originated during the Bronze Age approximately 5,000 years ago.
They usually consist of simple geometric shapes, such as the sun, moon, or a bird. Tribal people have often used such tattoos to symbolize their deities, in their main themes, or their tribe’s simple geometric design. Some European cultures, associations and cults use them to show membership.

The Semicolon

The semicolon tattoo is trending these days. It symbolizes awareness of suicide and mental health issues. Amy Bluel founded Project Semicolon after her father committed suicide, to give hope and love to people who are struggling with similar issues. The tattoo’s spiritual meaning is the decision to keep going instead of ending your life.
It is a belief that your story doesn’t have to end at a cornerstone. If you just believe in your own deservingness and abilities, that is enough to stay motivated with your life. Hence, the semicolon means letting go of the past and rewriting the future.

Angel Tattoos

Angels are increasing in popularity. They symbolize devotion, spirituality, and faith. For some, it represents a devotion to God. Some people get them for a sense of protection. Often they are more as a memorial centerpiece. Sometimes, they simply represent an idea, such as freedom, romance, or doubt.
A broken wing, for example, symbolizes a chronic struggle with one’s faith. The word, “angel” is served from the Latin “angelus”, meaning “messenger of God”. As beautiful as they are, angels don’t primarily represent their earthly appearances as much as they represent divine ideas or a question thereof.

Anchor Tattoos

It’s not just old Popeye the Sailorman who made them popular. During World War II, sailors were pretty much the only group of people known for their tattoos.
So the WWII generation associates tattoos with sailors. Today, however, anchors symbolize strength and stability. They also symbolize a desire to hold onto life.
Different tattoos have meanings for those who request them. Some, such as tribal tattoos, have a very long history. Others, like the semicolon are making a new history for themselves. Since tattoos are a fashion trend, it is hard to predict what will become popular next. And yet, they’re so much more than just a temporary fad.
Permanent tattoos are probably still the closest thing to permanency that we have in this world. Once the ink is on your body, you choose to remove it by plastic surgery. Even so, that area of your skin will never be the same. That’s why it’s essential to get something with a heavy meaning for yourself.