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Tattoos That Mean Love

Indrajit Deshmukh Apr 29, 2019
The use of tattoos to symbolize love is one of the hottest trends in the market today, although the art has been around for centuries. Lot of people profess their love by tattooing their body in an effort to make it immortal as the art is permanent.
Love makes you do strange things and one of them is getting a tattoo to showcase your endearment. One of the best things you can do is to get a tattoo as the art is permanent symbolizes eternal commitment just like pure love.
Lately the art of tattooing has entered mainstream society with hit reality TV shows like LA ink hogging the limelight. Hollywood stars have also added an element of glamor by proudly showing off their tattoos on the red carpet.
In ancient times warriors used to get tattoos on their body to showcase their loyalty to the tribe. The trend still prevails today with lovers getting a symbolic tattoo to pledge their loyalty to their partners. There are different tattoos that signify love ranging from the heart symbol to using different foreign scripts.
There are several tattoo designs that indicate that the bearer is in love and if done by a good tattoo artist looks really enchanting. You can either do them in color or use shading to bring out the intricate designs. You can also inculcate the love tattoos with other delicate designs like butterflies or flowers. Here are some tattoos that symbolize love.

Heart and Arrow

The symbol of a heart with an arrow through it is one of the most recognized symbol of love.
Mythology has it that Cupid shoots the heart with the arrow to make the person fall in love. Some decipher this symbol as the experiencing of pain and pleasure of love. To make the design eye-catching, you can color the heart bright red and the arrow charcoal black.

Kissing Dolphins

There is nothing more romantic than showcasing two dolphins kissing in mid-air with a setting sun in the background. 
You can also show the dolphins snuggling while swimming next to each other as a symbol of love. In nature you see these beautiful creatures swimming in pairs or groups and are the best examples of togetherness. Another way of depicting dolphins is to have them cross each other in mid-air with one holding a rose in its mouth.

Claddagh Heart

The Claddagh heart is originally an Irish symbol of love and friendship which has gained universal popularity. The design constitutes a heart engulfed by two hands holding a ring and there is also a crown on top of the heart. 
There is one more variant in which there is no crown on the heart, you can choose anyone that catches your fancy. The use of color in this design will make the tattoo look more inspiring, especially if you use bright colors like red and orange.

Flower Designs

Using the red rose which is one of the most recognized symbols of love in your tattoo art is the perfect way of showcasing your love.
One way is to show a bunch of roses wrapped in a ribbon bearing the initials of your lovers name. If you want to be a little mysterious you can use the Jasmine flower in your design, it is the symbol of love in the ancient Hindu religion which originates in India.

Mythical Gods

The Roman God Love Cupid shown with a bow and arrow is an interesting design which you can adopt. You can also use the Greek God of love Eros who also has a bow and arrow with little white feathered wings. 
To make the designs look divine you could draw a little misty yellow halo over their head. You can also incorporate the Cupid or Eros design with some doves hovering in the background to give it a touch of serenity.

Divine Angels

Music and angelic experience have gone hand in hand with love since time immemorial. Show a winged angel playing the harp as part of your love tattoo design. 
To make it look interesting you can show the angel resting on a rose with the harp by the side. One more way to do this is by having two angels strumming the harp as if to show that together you can make a melody.
You can also use tattoo lettering styles to write the name of your lover, make it interesting by having the name inked on the heart or on the arrow piercing the heart.
You can also use Chinese script symbols of love to express your feelings. Whichever design you choose make sure you choose a tattoo parlor with a good reputation for hygiene and art work.