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Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Bhakti Satalkar Jan 2, 2019
A full sleeve tattoo gives a large canvas for the design. This type of body art is popular among those who are obsessed about tattooing and getting inked. We have got some amazing sleeve designs for tattoo lovers.
Body art has become very favored these days. Earlier, a person with a tattoo was looked down upon. On the other hand, today a person with a tattoo is looked upon as modern.
They can be adorned on different body parts depending on their kind and size. The latest trend in the tattoo world is of sleeve tattoos. They cover most or whole of a person's arm or leg, usually the arm from shoulder to wrist.
It can be divided into three categories, viz., full sleeve, half sleeve and quarter sleeve tattoos. A tattoo that covers the entire hand, as the name suggests, is a full sleeve tattoo.
Half sleeve tattoos start from the upper arm and end near the elbows or they cover the region between the elbow and the wrist. A quarter sleeve tattoo generally covers the region from the shoulders to the elbow.
They are generally a combination of multiple small tattoos of a similar or the same theme. They can be flaunted when one wants to or be hidden under clothing.

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas for Men

Arm sleeve tattoos have become very popular among men, as they accentuate their well-built biceps and triceps.

Tribal Tattoos for Men

These tattoo symbols were traditionally used to mark human beings belonging to a particular tribe. The designs symbolize the faiths and belief of the tribe.
If you want a tribal theme for your sleeve tattoo, you can choose from tribal wolf tattoo or a tribal dragon tattoo.
A scorpion tribal tattoo is a good option if you want a tattoo design that combines an animal theme with the tribal look. These designs make for interesting ideas for men. If animal tattoos are not for you, then you have other options as well. Options like:
  • Tribal Forearm Tattoo
  • Tribal Arm Tattoos for Men
  • Tribal Sun Tattoos

Celtic Tattoos

Among the tattoo sleeve ideas for men are the Celtic tattoos. If you want to show off your tattoo, yet not really 'show off', then you can choose to get one as a quarter sleeve tattoo with a Celtic theme.
The most commonly used designs among the Celtic tattoos are knots, spirals, animal interlace, etc. To create a unique tattoo design one can also opt for a combination of all these designs as tattoo sleeves.

Japanese Tattoos

Tattoos have a long tradition in Japan. Previously in Japan, tattoos were looked down upon as a mark of rebellion. People with tattoos were outcast from the society. There are a number of Japanese sleeve tattoo ideas, which one can make use of to make a tattoo design. Most of these designs have different meanings attached to them.
The common ideas for men include koi sleeve tattoos, tattoos design of a Japanese dragon, hannya masks, religious sleeve tattoo designs, koi fish patterns and others among the many more sleeve tattoo ideas for men. Also take a look at some interesting sleeve tattoo designs for men.

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas for Women

While men want to show off their biceps and triceps, women want to flaunt their well-toned arms. Flaunting half sleeve tattoos or a quarter sleeve tattoo is much easier, unlike the tattoos on the lower back or neck. Let's look at some sleeve tattoo designs for women.

Tribal Tattoos for Women

One will come across a lot of designs, which are made as a mark of respect for nature. Most of these designs are very feminine. One of the most popular designs is the tribal rose tattoo design.
A lot of women choose to get it made to show their love as well as to symbolize femininity. Flowers are considered as a symbol of femininity. They are delicate and enhance the beauty of a person. Tribal flower tattoo designs can also used to make a feminine tattoo.

Floral Tattoos

Among other sleeve tattoos for women are floral designs. Floral tattoos also have a feminine element. They stand for grace, love and other womanly qualities.
One can make a full sleeve tattoo by getting a vine tattoo wrapped around the arm. This is an abstract, yet elegant and beautiful tattoo design.
If you are fond of bright colors, then you can also make use of them to color the leaves and flowers of the vine and flaunt this very elegant full sleeve tattoo design. Along with vine, you can make a choice from the endless flower tattoo designs―like Japanese flower designs, hibiscus tattoos, etc.

Butterfly Tattoos

Apart from floral designs, most women are fascinated by butterfly tattoos. The delicate and pretty look of the butterfly attracts the young as well as the old. Hence, it makes for one of those cool tattoo sleeve ideas for girls. There is no doubt, that the words 'delicate' and 'pretty' are used to talk about femininity.
According to statistics, butterfly tattoos rank fourth in the most popular tattoo designs among girls. Apart from the feminine meaning attached to a butterfly, it also stands for love, good luck and peace among other things. If you want to combine a butterfly with a tribal tattoo design, then you can choose to get a tribal butterfly tattoo.
These were just some of the tattoo sleeve ideas, which you can make use of to make a wonderful sleeve tattoo. It is recommended, that you get a temporary tattoo sleeve made, before you choose to make a permanent one.
If you get a permanent tattoo made and do not like the design, it will become very difficult to remove the tattoo and then get a new one made. Getting a temporary tattoo will also help you to modify the design according to your choice.