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Tattoo Lettering Fonts

Tattoo Lettering Fonts
Tattoo lettering has become a rage these days. There are many fonts, which can be used to make your tattoo more attractive and meaningful. Let's check them out.
Bhakti Satalkar
When one thinks of a tattoo, we naturally imagine only images. However, of late, lettering tattoos have come in vogue. Tattoo lettering fonts add the pizazz to a picture, and is great for reflecting the thoughts of a person, their attitude towards life, or a quote or words which are of immense importance to the person. Due to this fact, the tattoo becomes unique for that person.
Once you know what words you would like to get, comes the question about fonts. Before you decide on the font, there are some tips I would like to give you, which will help you in choosing a font.
  • Have a look at as many options as you can, before you decide the font. Often it so happens, that the person comes across a font, which he would have ideally got, but then he did not look around for one and now it is too late.
  • In case your design is going to have an image as well as words, it is recommended, you arrange the design in a number of ways, so you know what suits your taste better.
  • You can make your design different, by adding colors in different hues or using a different font or script to write the first or last letters.
  • You can choose to substitute a letter in the words for a symbol. For example, 'a' can be replaced with '@'.
  • Many a time, only words do not make for an attractive design. Instead of a plain design, you can add some floral art to the words, which will make the tattoo very attractive.
  • Using mirror images or writing the words backwards can increase the mystery.
If you are fond of tribal designs, you should use bold black letters. Along with the letters there are a number of tribal designs that can be used. You will have to make sure, that the design you choose along with the tribal font is also a tribal design, else the tattoo will not look in sync with the lettering.
Calligraphy fonts also make for a wonderful design. If you have a friend, who has a hand at calligraphy, you can ask that person to design the words you want in calligraphy. Alternatively, you can also talk to the tattoo artist, to get the right designs. It is recommended, that you get a temporary tattoo made in calligraphy and then have a permanent one made. Often a tattoo looks good on paper, but when it is inked on the body, it is not the same, any more.
Getting a tattoo made in a foreign language is a wonderful idea. You can opt for an Arabic lettering design. This script is written right to left, unlike the usual left to right. There are about 18 distinct letter shapes, which vary slightly depending on whether the shapes were connected to another letter before or after them. It certainly makes for a beautiful design. The other specialty of this is, that it does not have any capital letters at all. Since not many people will be able to decipher the words written, it will add mystery to your design.
The Japanese Kanji fonts can also be used to get a tattoo. However, you will have to make sure you have the absolute correct translation of the words you want. Make it a point to interact with the tattoo artist accurately, so that you have the appropriate design.
Although there are a myriad of fonts, which can be used to get a tattoo, it is recommended that you do not copy someone else's design, as your tattoo is going to be a reflection of your own personality. It is in your hands to make it as unique and special as your personality.
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