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Tattoo Ideas for Moms

Tattoo Ideas for Moms
For all those moms who think they are old to carry a body art on themselves, let me tell you that is not true! Take a look at some swanky tattoo ideas for moms, which you can flaunt at absolutely any age.
Aparna Jadhav
It is a common understanding that moms are supposed to be the most responsible of parents and act in a more mature manner. And a lot of people think that getting a tattoo when you are a mom is not mature enough, which is a complete misconception. You can get a body art whenever you feel like it and flaunt it absolutely anywhere on your body. Body art is something that stays with you throughout life, and if you have been too scared to get one when you were young, it is never too late! Besides the fact that moms can get any designs they want inked on them, there are many special ideas specifically for moms. Mentioned below are some such unique and creative designs, so take your pick from them.
There are many choices you can have from the variable designs specifically suggested for moms. Being women, it is hard for them to like bold designs like skulls, dragons, Celtic crosses and knots, etc. The best choices for them could be sober and simple ideas, that are small and easily made. Most moms are new to the art of inking and are often beginners, thus getting easy designs is more preferred by them. Mentioned below are a few designs which are simple, small, and also attractive.
  • Nature Tattoos:
    These include designs like flowers, butterflies, swallows, feathers, stars, etc. These are just a few to mention, but there are many more designs which can be combined with the ones given above to make larger and more artistic designs. Flower designs are the most preferred as they look very feminine, and can be accompanied with a combination of names and the word "Mom". Butterflies are very delicate designs, which can make you feel younger and prettier. Many women think that being a mom is the end of having some girl fun, but the idea of getting inked can change this.
  • Names and Phrases
    Another idea is getting phrases and names of your children inked on your body. As mentioned earlier, tattoos are permanent, so getting names written along with certain designs like flowers, hearts, swallows, and crosses is also a great idea. Ribbons with names of your children and motherhood phrases are one of the bestdesigns. Small stars, with scripts written in Chinese or Mexican languages, are already a hit with a number of moms all over the world, as they look simple yet trendy. Another idea for mom and daughter can be getting similar tattoos, or even getting each other's names inked in the same places.
  • Other Ideas:
    There are many other designs, which can be used by moms of any ages. Fairy designs are a great choice, as they come in a number of designs which look elegant and beautiful. You can even get nautical stars, which are also very artistic and can be made colorful and exciting. Colored tattoos also look pleasant and presentable. One of the most unique ideas can be getting the hand prints of your child made into a body art. This is the most special gesture a mother can do for her child.
With these wonderful ideas, hope you find something for yourself. You can even come up with some of your own designs, such as something that is very important to you as a mother, and get it tattooed. Whatever you get, make sure it is the best and do enjoy flaunting it!
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