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Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Marian K Mar 12, 2019
Tattoos are among the most popular contemporary fashion statements. With dozens of female celebrities sporting them, it is not surprising that hordes of other women are following their example.
While there are several tattoos that are unisex, most are gender stereotyped. Apart from the odd Angelina Jolie, who breaks the trend with a Bengal tiger tattoo, most women pick designs such as flowers, hearts, or butterflies.

Tattoo Designs to Choose From

The decision of getting a tattoo inked is never an easy one. There are so many factors involved. Firstly, you need to find an experienced and talented tattoo artist that can guide you through the process properly.
Secondly, discuss your concept with him/her so that a personalized design can be created. Trust us, you do not want to copy a design off the Internet. Also, majority of the tattoo artists will not ink the same design twice.
But if you're still in search for some inspiring designs, here are some of our favorite tattoo designs for girls.

Popular Choices for Women

Searching for tattoo designs is more tough than the actual process. Yes, there is pain involved; but once the tattoo has been inked, the design you finalize will stay with you forever. If you didn't find the designs we compiled here appealing, perhaps the following popular design concepts can catch your interest.


The butterfly tattoo design is by far the most popular and frequently-spotted concept.
In the most basic sense, it represents transformation. It can also mean freedom or as a symbol of new beginning.
The ancient Aztecs believed butterflies to be the souls of their deceased warriors and women who died during childbirth. Two butterflies fluttering together is considered as a symbol of love in China.


Fairies are another popular design among girls. For most people, it means holding onto precious childhood memories. The fairies, from our much-loved bedtime stories, are magical creatures.
They are believed to live in the woods, and come out during nighttime. These designs are usually pretty and delicate. Fairies represent the values of innocence, purity, beauty, magic, and fantasy.

Star Tattoos

As a symbol, stars have been used since the ancient times and feature prominently in most religious iconography. Celestial bodies that capture our imagination, stars represent power and mystery. A popular option is a shooting star, which is often designed as a large star followed by a trail of smaller stars.
The nautical star is a strong symbol, and is considered an old school tattoo. This 5-point star appears with each point split in half and filled with a contrasting color. It was a popular tattoo design among sailors as it represents the North Star; often used for navigation.

Kanji Tattoos

Kanji is a kind of Japanese script where characters represent a complete object, idea, or meaning. The most popular Kanji characters used for tattoos are love, hope, courage, strength, wisdom, and happiness. However, a word of caution for all those thinking of getting this type of tattoo. Ensure that you get the correct characters tattooed.
Most symbols are complex with some comprising over 30 strokes. This means you are likely to get a distorted version from an online translation.
These tattoos for girls are just a few examples from the vast number of designs available. The best tattoos are those that are unique, and hold a special significance to you. So put some thought into it, and get your tattoo artist to create a draft of your own, custom-made tattoo design.