Here's a Gallery of Uber-cool Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Tattoo design
If you thought that tattoos are a new fad, you couldn't be more wrong. But what can be safely said is that the art of tattooing has scaled new heights in the past decade or so, with the introduction of innovative designs, ideas, colors, perspective, and the like. With the help of some creative tattoo images, even better tattoo designs can be conceptualized and made.
"My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story."
---Johnny Depp
A tattoo should be one that identifies you and is something really meaningful in your life. It is like a style extension. Which is why, a lot of thought needs to go into the concept, before getting one inked.
Creative Tattoo Images
Stars on the back
Tattoo on body
Street fighter
Gorgeous teen girl with tattoo
Latino man with sunglasses
Pretty girl with tattoo on neck
Women legs
Human arm
Young woman with tattoo
Woman's body
Bride with powder
Young beauty woman body tattoo
Young man with a tattoo on his arm
Man showing tattoo
 Young woman with tattoo
Octopus tattoo on arm
Male with tattoos
Crossed looking man
Snake tattoo on stomach
Woman with tattoo around navel
Blue eyes woman
Tattoo on stomach
Woman sexy tattoo on body
Henna tattoo on body
Girl on bench
Ring and heart necklace
Woman relaxing on massage table
Young male with ocean
Cheerful woman
Young blond woman with a tattoo
Topless tattooed man smiling
Body builder
Young woman with tattoo on hand
Tattoo on foot woman
Hispanic female boxer
Henna tattoo on a pregnant woman
Tattoo on shoulder
Sexy glamorous girl with tattoos
Tattoo of a woman
Woman with snake body art
Woman telephone operator tattoo
Woman in red sari with henna tattoo
Woman tattoo on back
Abdominal muscle
Beautiful woman with tattoo
Young tattooed stylish woman
Tattoo on human hand
Smiling young woman
Young girl after getting washed her hair
Woman with snake tattoo on the tree branch
Butterfly tattoo on woman body
Bodybuilder flexing his back
Young athletic shirtless man posing with tattoo
Tattoo on human body
Coffee cup tattoo on body
Female toned body with tattoo.
Muscled back with tattoo
Art tattoo on body
Tattoo artist man
Young man muscles with tattoos
Arm with tattoo
Stylish woman in oriental style
Tattoo on human skin
Handshake in barbershop
Fighter's with boxing gloves
Tattoo on arm
Girl young woman with tattoo paw
Tattoo on shoulder
Tattoo on body
Framed tattoo girl
Stressed upset pulling hair
Origami crane on black lotus tattoo
Fashion model man tattoo on body
Fashion swag sexy blonde young woman posing
Woman in oriental style with mehendi
Viking with sword
Tattoo on hand
Tattoo on human body
Legs of a woman sitting on a wall
Henna tattoo on foot
Tattoo on girl's back
Man with arm tattoo
Man with arm tattoo
Woman with owl tattoo
Sexy man with tattoo
Tattoo on woman stomach
Woman with short black hair and tattoos
Tattoo on a forearm
Seahorse on ribs tattoo
Woman on beach sitting
Fashion model woman with tattoo
Blue dragon tattoo on arm
Spanish young girl with tattoo
Woman with tattoo
Name on skin
Woman in oriental style with mehendi
Handsome young man with tattoo
Tattoo on man shoulder
Butterfly tattoo on hand
Women's pink dress with legs
Girl with tattoo on her leg
Woman hand painted with floral figures
Elegant woman with magnificent hair
Resting woman
Man holding tattoo machine
Flowers on the child's hand
Creepy portrait with body art
Elegant woman with magnificent hair
Tattoo girl in bed
Bird tattoo on woman back
Bird tattoo over the shoulder
Writing with marker woman
Tattoo on senior men body
Young cowboy unbuttoning his shirt
Woman biting her finger
Tattoo of a realistic heart with victorian decoration
Serious looking female teen model
Cute hipster teenage girl
Provocative tattooed girl holding gun
Trained body with tattoo
Tattoo on shoulder
Woman legs
Wag his head
Tattooed bearded man wearing blank t-shirt
Spider tattoo on mouth
Tattoo on woman's shoulder
Woman in oriental style with mehendi
Woman make up
Anger look man
Tattoo on woman hand
Tattoo on woman hand
Woman wearing blank vest
Human face tattoo on figures
Woman portrait ornaments
Tattoo deadline and crazy face of woman
Bearded man thinking
Woman with traditional white face paint
Beautiful woman legs on the beach
Tattoo on human hand
Girl listening to music on smart phone
Rolling the dice man
Bird tattoos on hand
Woman back with love tattoo
Love tattoo on back girl
Strong man with samurai sword
Sleeping little child hands
Sexy woman tattoo on body
Tattoo on hand
Follow your dreams on hand
Handsome bearded man
Stage costume woman
Tattoo on star shape
Young man carrying boxing gloves on his shoulder
Man wearing cross
Tattoo on the navel of a young woman
Young man with a tattoo on his chest
Male biker with tattoos on arms
Man with tattoos
Fish tattoos on hand
Tattoo on woman cheek
Woman with tattoo on stomach
Woman with tattoo
Smiling photographer taking a picture
Businessman showing dollar sign on chest
Teenager posing in tank top and blue jeans
Love tattoo on chest
Woman with arm shielding from light
Tattoo on hand
Tattoo on hand
Tattoo on human hand
Dragon tattoo on man back
Tattoo on shoulder
Tattoo on woman arm
Serious woman with a cell phone
Athlete with a sports towel around her shoulders
Tattoo on hands
Tattoo on human hand
Tattoo on human arm
Flower tattoo on woman back
Tattoo on woman hand
Tattoo on woman breast
Tattoo on woman back
Tattoo on feet
Male boxer
Scorpion tattoo on woman back
Girl with scorpion painted on back
Girl with scorpion painted on back
Yes heart shape tattoo on chest
Human face pierce man
Young woman laying on floor
Flower tattoo on woman stomach
Tattoo on woman stomach
Bar code tattoo on hand
Male with tattoos and piercings
Male with tattoos and piercings
Tattoo on woman legs
Tattoo on body
Brown hair woman with tattoo
Tattoo woman stomach
Belly dancer
Belly dancer body
Grape between lips
Tattoo on human shoulder
Lizard tattoo on woman back
Tattoo on neck
Man standing beside a wall
Woman with tattoo on back
Woman with tattoo on back
Skull design
Animal skull tattoo
Corn flower
Bush of the strawberry
Vector drawing skull on white paper
Vintage anchor
Heart with two arrows
Burning heart
Cartoon skull
Heart tattoo
Dragon tattoo illustration
Traditional asian dragon
Anchor with rope and ribbon
Anchor vector
Two anchors engraving
Anchor with ribbons
Vintage stone cross
Arrow damaged heart
Dark heart
Snake and skull
Skull with snake
Stylized dragon illustration
Vector floral heart
Wolf tattoo
Navigable anchor vector
Vintage style anchor
Dragon silhouette
Classic tattoo vector heart and ribbon
Hearts and flowers vector illustration
Dragon tattoo illustration
Anchor with rope
Hand drawn illustration of an anchor
Greeting card with heart
Yellow anchor
Watercolor and ink illustration of an anchor
Anchor with rope
Skull in orange bandana
Heart with ribbon on the wreath of roses
Military skull bite the dagger
Red dragon
Dragon wings
Red head dragon
Vector egyptian cross
Vintage marine anchor
Dark dragon vector
Dragon black white
Dahlia flower
Anchor black silhouette
Cowboy skull character
Four legged dragon vector
Dragon and tiger fighting
Steam punk style cross with hearts
Peerless decorative feather vector
Chinese dragon
Fairy dragon illustration
Golden dragon
Winged anchor
Caduceus anchor
Hand drawn elegant ship sea anchor
Black and white dahlia flower
Pirate skull and wheel
Black and white daisy flower
Chinese dragon crawling
Tribal art
Red paper cut a dragon
Anchor vector
Zentangle stylized drawing of a lizard.
Tribal dragon tattoo
Christian cross
Anchor hand drawn illustration
Heart and sword
Sketch dragon illustration
Tribal tattoo
Hand drawn animal echidna
Zentangle card
Dragons mascot
Danger human skull
Hand drawn chameleon
Dragon sketch color
Abstract isolated shape
Mystery bird totem coloring page
Lovely horse coloring page
Music notes
 Stars tattoo
Rose vector
Day of the dead sugar scull
Vector of chinese dragon head
Vector abstract floral elements
Buddha with ornamental mandala
Vector abstract floral elements
Beautiful monochrome contour flower
Kangaroo coloring page
Ganesha god card
Hand drawn ohm
Blossoming magnolia tree
Toucan vector
Dragons mascot
Black and white sunflower
Scull with sleeping moon line art
Hindu lord ganesha
Sea horse illustration
Hand drawn fish with floral elements
For coloring book
Om hand drawn
Swan coloring page
Rhino coloring page
Wolf vector
Owl tribal tattoo
Ink tiger portrait
Flying dragon tattoo
Graphic drawing of flamingos
Skull sketch
Flower tattoo
Decorative graphic turtle
 Vector happy fox
Embracing octopus sketch
Wood black eagles head
Floral china fish doodle
Skull and crossbones
Love never die with heart and sword
Zentangle vector falcon
Vintage woodcut winged skull
Hindu god lord ganesha illustration
Illustration elephant front view
Skull and cross swords sign
Om indian sign illustration
Beautiful jasmine branch
Crab engraving illustration
Lemur engraving illustration
Snail engraving illustration
Tiger sitting black and white vector
Vector sea animals heart card
Skull with roses illustration
Abstract of circus elephant head
Rose flowers design with beautiful rose tag
Ram charging illustration
Fire dragon silhouette
Fire dragon with wings silhouette
Skull with steel barbed wire and blood
Zentangle vector flying butterflies
Drawing of tulips in violet color
Illustration of dream catcher
Eagle american tattoo design
Goat skull horns design
Colorful abstract cat head
Branch of lilac flowers in violet colors
Abstract flowers and fruits tattoo
Bearded captain pirates skull
Skull with high hat illustration
Young stylish skull with hipster hair
Skull with hat and cross bones
Skull with mustache and high hat
Evil bearded skull design
Pirate skull with beard and eye patch
Crocodile head black illustration
Vector tribal decorative stingray
Vector tribal decorative shark
Vector tribal decorative pheasant
Vector decorative dancing ganesha
Eagle stylized tattoo
Zentangle bull tattoo
Colorful abstract like snowflake
Vector elephant head
Ornamental white elephant design
Ornamental white tiger
Ornamental black monkey
Abstract polygonal blue wolf
Pegasus black silhouette
Caduceus symbol of god mercury illustration
Roses and peonies design
Roses and peonies design in circle
Ganesha with ornate mandala
Flying dragon tattoo
Hindu god ganesha illustration
Abstract of anchor in blue
Beautiful ganesha illustration
Skull and crossbones illustration
Ganesha illustration in blue
Indian god krishna illustration
Anchor design in blue
Illustration of anchor
Vector decorative dragon
Green dragon vector illustration
Ornamental skulls design
Dragon head tattoo
Dragon tattoo
Fire breathing dragon tattoo
Vector illustration of an indian god ganesha
Skull illustration
Flying dragon tattoo
Dagger with snake tattoo
Lizard illustration
Anchor in brown color
Anchor in black color
Skull and cross bones sign
Red winged heart tattoo
Valentines day baroque heart
Green skull with fire illustration
For those of you who have already been inked, these amazing tattoo images would surely tempt you into getting one more tattoo for yourself. And for those of you who have never gone under the needle, I can see you all set to dash towards the nearest tattoo parlor to join the club.