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19 Colorful Sugar Skull Tattoo Designs You'll Love to Carry

19 Sugar Skull Tattoo Designs You'll Love
What we love about sugar skull tattoos is the fact that although they are symbolic of death, they represent life! That even though they seem to be spooky to many, they actually reflect the joy of afterlife and the festivity of the same. ThoughtfulTattoos gives you 19 amazing sugar skull tattoo designs you'll love.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Pretty witch holding skull
Did You Know?
In Spanish, sugar skulls are known as Calaveras. Interestingly, there is also a literary meaning of this word. Calaveras are also referred to poems and prose written when celebrating the Day of the Dead. They are written in a way that the dead are honored, and the living are humorously criticized.
It is strange how the world is one, yet so many different worlds exist with it. While most of us fail to remember the dead without feeling hurt, sorry, or devastated by their loss, in Southern Mexico, people remember the dead by feasting in the midst of colorful decorations, the most important one being the artistic and vibrant sugar skulls.

You will find them in all shapes and sizes. Apparently, the small, miniature skulls are offered to the souls of little children, who are believed to visit their parents on November 1, for 24 hours. Whereas on the next day, November 2, huge sugar skulls are offered to the souls of the adults who visit their loved ones on this day. There is no grievance, but happiness that reflects from the sugar skulls, which are very different from the normal skulls. The following section will give you some amazing designs that will reflect their festive, respectful, and spiritual symbolism.
19 Awesome Sugar Skull Tattoo Designs
There are many reasons why one would want to get this tattoo. Respect for life, tribute to the dead, and a spiritual belief in the afterlife are just a few of the many meanings of this element. Have a look at the following creative tattoos, and see if you can relate to any, or perhaps get some inspiration.
A collage of colorful sugar skull tattoos
A collage of sugar skull tattoos
Collage of different sugar skull tattoos
Colorful sugar skull tattoos
Different sugar skull tattoos
These tattoos are not just for those who celebrate the Day of the Dead; these are for all those who believe in what these designs signify, which is joy and life. The vibrant colors used in most of the sugar skull tattoos, the marigolds (flower of the dead), hearts and roses (symbolizing love), and the smiling skulls (downplaying the mourning, horror, and grief associated with skulls), all these elements just make them a wonderful option for those who agree with their symbolism.
Slowly, many parts of the world are celebrating festivals to honor the dead, and remember them with respect and smiles. However, if you do not relate to that side of this design, you may still opt for it because it is the most artistic, colorful, and lively skull tattoo you will ever see on this planet! Who would have thought we have happy skulls celebrating life, even after death?