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Stomach Tattoos for Men

No Man Could Resist Getting These Tantalizing Stomach Tattoos

The use of the human body as a canvas to showcase tattoo art has been prevalent since thousands of years. Today, tattoo art has taken mainstream society by storm and a high percentage of the population is getting inked...
Indrajit Deshmukh
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
Man with Stomach Tattoo
Until recently, tattoos were adorned by rock stars and bikers, but today you can even see a CEO of a company sporting a tattoo, although he might hide it in office. This is where stomach tattoos come in, they can be easily concealed if you so wish. Lot of people choose the stomach region to get a tattoo as they can get a large tattoo done in this area. If you are planning to get a tattoo it is advisable that you choose a tattoo parlor which has a good reputation for hygiene. One of the other things is to go to an artist whose artwork you like.
Tattoos have long been used as a form of individualistic expression and an outward manifestation of a person's beliefs and ideals. So, if you are looking for some designs, it is a good idea to spend some time introspecting which design truly represents you. Remember, that this is a permanent art so whichever design you choose, it's going to be with you for life. Here are some ideas, you can ink them as is or use them as an inspiration for your own unique design.
Dragon Tattoo
Show a dragon that has his tail curved around your belly button and breathing bright yellow and orange-colored flames towards your groin. Another design is to showcase a dragon with its face on your lower stomach and wings spread across the entire belly region. You can also show a dragon with a rabbit caught in its claws about to be devoured.
A smoking gun with an engraved handle sporting skulls and snakes is one of the designs that you could go for. Another interesting design under the weapon's genre is showcasing two swords crisscrossed with a shield in the backdrop having a pirate theme. A Native American tomahawk with an alligator entwined on the handle is one of the enchanting designs you could ink on your stomach.
Mythical Creatures
Getting a mermaid basking in the soothing moonlight is a great lower stomach tattoo idea. If you like fantasy then you could also go in for a centaur holding a decorative spear in one hand and a royal insignia shield in another. Horse lovers can opt for inking a unicorn peeping out of a rosebush with thorns pricking at its mane.
Tribal Designs
You could have a Celtic cross tattooed on the side of the stomach with long flowing lines and dark shading. Another design is to have a ram's skull with wavy horns that engulf your entire stomach, just find a good artist for this design. Inking the sun enmeshed in thorns with long flowing lines for its rays is a great design to have on your tummy.
Wild Animals
A wolf howling at the moon with its long tail flowing in a breeze is a great animal tattoo to have on your stomach. A growling lion with its teeth soaked in blood and dripping towards the floor, you can also show the lion's mane on fire. You can also show a crocodile and anaconda entwined in a death battle on your stomach.
One of the ways to get a unique tattoo on your stomach is to write a verse from the bible or a quote that inspires you. You can use foreign scripts to make these tattoos, some of the popular ones are Chinese and Arabic. Another interesting idea is to mix the lettering style with images like daggers and chains. Tattooing your initials or your partners initials is also a good stomach tattoo idea especially because you can conceal it when you wish.
Some of the other ideas are inking musical instruments like the guitar, the piano, drum set, etc. Sports fans can also go in for their favorite team's logo as a tattoo on their stomach. If you are getting a tattoo done, read up on tattoo aftercare to ensure longevity of the design.