Attractive Tattoos for Women to Flaunt Their Stomach Endlessly

Attractive Tattoos for Women to Flaunt Their Stomach Endlessly
If you want to assert your personality without saying a word, how about getting a beautiful tattoo on your stomach? Here are some ideas for stomach tattoos for women that you can choose from.
Body art is a form of self-expression and it highlights your character, but nowadays, forearm or ankle body art is passe. Irrespective of the placement, having any part of your body inked is a serious decision, as it is a form of permanent body alteration. Every body art has a message in it, and it is about letting the world know what you are and what you think. Stomach tattoos offer a large number of designs to choose from, as the stomach provides a fairly large area to be worked upon. Women are spoiled for choice when it comes to body art, the new age women is not shy of having her body inked.

Designs for Women

Women are more specific about style than men, and they choose their designs with a lot of care and thought. Very often, people get symbols or designs inked on their body that have a significant meaning in their life. Portrait tattoos are also catching up, where you can have a portrait of your loved ones inked on your body. Women can go in for the more feminine designs, like the angel tattoos, which can be sized as per your wish. There are innumerable colors to choose from as well. You can even go in for the plain black outline, which is simple, yet classy. Placing your design correctly is also essential to enhance its looks. You can consult with the artist to suggest an appropriate area on the stomach that will suit you.

The placement of the body art is of great importance. This holds greater importance for girls who have not yet had children, but plan to do so. Tattoos can adjust to minor weight changes and will not look distorted. But pregnancy brings rapid weight changes and stretch marks that can affect the inking. Pain is another factor to be kept in mind before going in for a stomach inking, as it is one of the most painful areas to get inked. Girls can experiment with sizes, shapes, and colors as well. Some of the common designs that girls get include angels, butterflies, dolphins, flowers, or nautical stars. You can also go in for the more daring body art, like the Chinese designs such as dragons or other motifs. Many tribal designs are also filled with a variety of choices, and make great designs to flaunt on the stomach.

Lower Stomach

The lower stomach is an area that can be hidden or exposed easily as per a person's wish. More women are choosing to have their lower stomach inked, as these can be completely hidden or exposed in case the woman wears low waist clothes. Even if the tattoo is not fully exposed, a partially visible one is intriguing enough. Getting your lower stomach inked can be painful, and pregnancy can also distort the tattoo. Stretch marks are another factor that can affect it. Lower stomach designs can range from a design that covers the entire lower stomach and the waistline, or just around the belly button. Simple motifs or symbols near the belly button also look chic.

Side Stomach

Side stomach body art can be very striking if the right design is chosen and placed correctly. The design can be placed more towards the hips, or it can run diagonally near the belly button. Designs like shooting stars suit this idea the best. The designs can be either on one or both sides of the stomach.

Tattoo removal is still to catch up, and is a very lengthy and tedious process. The procedure is painful, not to mention expensive, and hence not many opt for it. So unless it is absolutely necessary, it is not recommended to get the tattoo removed. So go check out some stomach body art designs and get one done, if you want to make a statement, or just look cool and funky.
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