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Star Tattoo Ideas

Divya Bichu Jun 22, 2019
'Tattoo' is the new hot word amongst all the youngsters today. With this latest trend taking root, let's find a little more about the ideas and designs it exhibits.
The latest fad "tattoo" is gaining immense support from the young and old alike. Everyone seems to be getting and flaunting a tattoo, and why not? With a number of celebrities sporting it, many fans and youth tend to follow the trend.
A tattoo is a permanent thing (unless you go in for cosmetic surgery to erase it), and hence, one has to be very sure of what kind of design they would like and where it has to be placed. Now, coming to designs, the most poplar amongst all designs seems to be "star tattoos".
Small twinkling ones add a feminine ting, whereas nautical stars give off that masculine aura. This is exactly why star tattoo designs are poplar amongst guys as much as girls. With celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Britney Spears, etc., sporting star tattoos, there is a rage about these star tattoo designs.

Star Tattoos: Meaning

Tattoo designs are not to adorn the body, but every design signifies something, and so does the star tattoo design. It has different meanings, owing to the many cultures it is used in.
However, a star is for long considered a symbol of hope, truth and spirit. Wearing a star tattoo also identifies you as a person fond of heavenly bodies. Another significance of the star tattoo is that it marks the wearer as being determined. A star tattoo acts as a reminder to the wearer to achieve his goals, and no matter what, never give up!

Best Body Parts to Don Star Tattoos

Fashionistas: Wrist, nape, lower tummy, ankle, back, abdomen, neck, and the lower area of your calf muscles, are the best places to get your star tattoo.

Fellas: For men, nape, arms, legs, and chest, are the best locations to flaunt those funky star tattoos.

Ideas for Star Tattoo

A simple star no doubt looks awesome, but when coupled with few other things like a cross, an angel, sun flames or your initial, it just gives the design a personalized touch, and makes it look unique. Here are a few assorted star tattoo ideas you might want to have a look at.

★ Nautical Stars

A nautical star is the more masculine kind of star tattoo idea.Basically, a nautical star was worn by sailors to guide them during their voyages long time ago, even before the compass was invented. The tradition seems to be carried forward, and sporting nautical stars means to follow or create the right path in life.

✰ Shooting Stars

Shooting stars in plain black ink looks amazing. It will depict that short, yet very significant event of your life, and the impact it had on you.

★ Tribal Stars

Tribal star tattoos are fun and funky tattoo ideas to don. Inking the stars with curved raw lines seems to be the new in-thing. It gives a more masculine and tough appearance.

✰ Cluster of Stars

A cluster of stars is absolutely great to have. They look cute and chic. The variation of small and big stars with small dots all around them gives it a magical effect.

★ Sun Flames with Stars

Stars with sun flames gives a classy yet raw look. This celestial tattoo idea could depict the struggle against darkness in order to bring in light.

✰ Star with your Initials

Having your initial hugging the star is a wonderful star tattoo idea. For example, if your name is Sam, you can have an "S" hanging or rather hugging a star, to give your tattoo a personalized touch.

★ Star Cross

Nothing works better than the Cross with stars, if you want to wear a religious icon or symbol. This tattoo design has been in vogue for a very long time now, and symbolizes the union of heaven and stars.

✰ Heart Star Tattoo

A heart in the star represents a joyous, full of life, and free spirit. You can have the heart with wings emerging out of the star. It looks awesome and more so on the lower back.

★ Star Anchor Tattoo

Looking for something strong and tough? Well, you ought to get this star tattoo with an anchor. It gives the whole rockabilly style. It also means stability or those who cannot be mislead easily.

✰ Angel Star Tattoo

The angel and the star tattoos are in vogue since a very long time, as they are considered to have a deep spiritual meaning. It is perceived as the connection between life and death, struggle between the good and the evil; messenger and guardian of god.
Star tattoos for long have been a source of fascination and admiration. Hence, get one done and make it your personal style statement!