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These 11 Star of Life Tattoo Designs Have a Noble Message to Give

11 Star of Life Tattoo Designs
The Star of Life symbol is synonymous with timely medical rescue and healing. These days, not only do we see this sign on ambulances and hoardings, but also inked on many of those who are a part of the Emergency Medical Services. If you too, are looking forward to get this design for your next tattoo, then this ThoughtfulTattoos post lends you a helping hand by presenting 11 awesome Star of Life tattoo designs.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Place the Star where it May Shine!
Tattoo placements are absolutely subjective depending upon the theme. However, when it comes to this one, it would be best to ink it at a spot where everyone may get a good look at it. After all, it is everything if not a symbol of pride and honor!
The Star of Life is the logo of those heroes who are always on the run so that our lives are saved. The technicians working with the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) proudly bear this six-pointed star, with each branch having an integral meaning attached to it, so as to let others feel safe that if an emergency is to occur, they are there to handle the situation.

The Star of Life logo is a wonderfully conceptualized design, where every stroke incorporated in the logo has a relevant meaning. The six branches stand for: 1) Detection; 2) Reporting; 3) Response; 4) On-scene Care; 5) Care in Transit; and 6) Transfer to Definitive Care. Also, the rod coiled with a serpent at the center of the star is the 'Rod of Asclepius', the staff symbol of the Greek god of medicine and healing. The snake, as it is, is symbolic of rejuvenation and healing, due to its natural tendency to shed skin as it grows. All in all, this star is the best way to portray what the EMS services stand for.
11 Amazing Star of Life Tattoo Designs
This tattoo theme is ideal for those who have been either the giver or the recipient of the EMS services. By law, this symbol is a registered trademark and should not be used by anyone else other than the EMS, however, that restraint doesn't really apply to the tattoo enthusiasts. However, like we always suggest in our articles, a tattoo theme or design should only be considered if it actually means something to you, and by that something, we mean, something crucial, perhaps, a life-changing experience? The following tattoo designs will help you make a decision.
Star of Life Tattoo with Wings
Star of Life Tattoo with Wings on Back
While wings may be symbolic of many things, with this tattoo theme, the meaning that goes best is that of angel wings. Ask those who have been a part of this experience, whose lives were saved by these angels who came in an EMS ambulance or a helicopter, and flew them away from the clutches of death.
A Colorful Touch!
Colorful star of life tattoo design
Black is the color associated with death, and life has many many colors. The Star of Life, as the name suggests, imparts life and gives us all a second chance to explore the very many colors that it has, the colors we love, the colors we've never seen, the colors we'd like to see ...! This colorful tattoo is the very representation of this aspect of life.
With a Tattered Effect
Tattered Effect Tattoo

Tattered tattoos appear quite harsh and bold at the first go, but they are nothing less than classy when you look at them! The bare-ish effect where you get the impression of both having and not having the tattoo on you, is simply appealing. Doesn't this look remind you of an unpleasant experience of life? An experience which was necessary but not welcomed.
The Star of Life makes sense only when you've seen death quite closely. The tattered tattoo makes an impression that, that experience is there with you, although with time it has tattered off, but still, its marks will always be present.
With Fire Flames
Star of life tattoo design with fire flames
Fire represents danger, but it also represents a testing time in life, as in, one must go through the fires of hell to know the true meaning of life. We can surely say that no one else would better understand the true value of life except for those who spend theirs rescuing many from death.
Additionally, fire also symbolizes purity and renewal, which accentuates the meaning of this tattoo design to this―an experience that has made you go through the fire, that has made you realize the value of life, and renewed the way you look at life now.
The Quote Addition ...
Star of life tattoo with quote on shoulder
Some great inspirational quotes always make a remarkable addition to any tattoo design, and in this case, a relevant quote takes the design to a different level altogether! If you seriously contemplate on the meaning of this quote, you would realize how deep it is. What we mean to say is that people may brag about doing the best job, getting a great salary, roaming around the world, but nothing, we mean nothing is more satisfying than the job that makes you save a life.
The Death Cheaters!
Skeleton Tattoo Design
Death has popularly been symbolized by a skeleton, who would forget the Grim Reaper? This tattoo design adds little unconventional twist to traditional Star of Life design. The skull becomes the central figure, with scroll within its jaws stating, "Between you and jaws of death." Seriously, how many times have these heroes saved many of us just by fraction of time, as if they did pull us out from jaws of death itself! If you have experienced something like this, then tattoo design is for you!
The Medal for Your Star Savior
Us Medal with Star of Life Tattoo
This is our favorite tattoo theme because the message put forth is absolutely genuine and heartwarming. This design is ideal for those who have been saved by the EMS, and if it wasn't for their help, perhaps they wouldn't have seen the next sunrise. In this design, the bearer has inked the Star of Life in a medal form, thereby conveying a sincere thanks to the person who made it all possible. Absolutely amazing!
With the U.S. Flag
U.S Flag and Star of Life Tattoo Design
Infusing the U.S. flag along with the Star of Life is something that is becoming quite popular these days, and why shouldn't it be, the design just looks stunning! Together, these elements symbolize patriotism, the spirit of saving countrymen from some serious mishaps and serving the nation through this noble means. We wholeheartedly salute the EMS technicians, who are no less than soldiers in our eyes!
The 3D Look!
3D Tattoo on Back
3D tattoos are the new thing today, where even the simplest of tattoo designs can look absolutely ravishing by the 3D shading technique. With no additional elements used in this design, this tattoo still stands out among the others.
With the Time Element ...
Hourglass and Star of Life Tattoo
Time is the most crucial element when it comes to the services offered by these emergency rescuers. If someone would want the true answer to what the value of a second is, these are the ideal people to ask! This design beautifully incorporates the hourglass―the ultimate symbol of time slipping away―with the Star of Life. As the sand slips away, so does the victim's life. However, thanks to these angels who fight against time, sort of prevent it from slipping away, to give us the gift of life.
Miniature Design
Tattoo on Finger
The best part about this tattoo theme is that it looks great in any size! We have already shown you how gorgeous it looks at a full-scale space, and wouldn't you agree that it looks equally great even as a miniature tattoo? The infinity symbol formed with the bold black words "Always on the go" when combined with the awesome blue color of the star, makes this design look absolutely wow. Here's to a tiny design that reflects a huge deal of meaning behind the Star of Life!
Aren't these designs just superb, not only in terms of their looks but also the meaning reflected through the design. You know, tattoos have always been looked with a taboo-ish point of view by many, but when you have inked this theme, we are sure that your design will always be viewed with honor and respect.