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Small Tattoos for Guys

Rujuta Borkar Jun 18, 2019
Small tattoos for guys have a unique feel of their own. Don't you think? If you need ideas for these, then this information will not disappoint you in the least. Continue reading.
A stray thought of getting that tattoo has made way in so many times. The thought has stayed, gained momentum and received enough attention to want to really, really make it happen. Having thought of why you want it and why it just needs to happen, like now, let's still draw your attention to some of the important factors that have to make way.
Size of the tattoo is an important aspect to factor in. Sometimes, these old age idioms hit the nail right on the head, don't you think? It is all about the size. Especially where a tattoo is concerned. Sport one of them that is the right size and you are instantly lending it appeal like nothing else can.
It does not always have to be big. Small tattoos make just as much of an appeal. You just need to get the right kind inked at a chosen position that will add to its appeal.
Sometimes, a chanced view of a small tattoo on the neck can garner much interest. In comparison, a tattoo big enough to fill the arm and big enough for everyone to see, may not always be the way to go.
A small tattoo carries the element of surprise with it and that definitely adds to its appeal. you'll need more ideas to make these cool tattoos your own, and that is what we will give you in the next section.

Awesome Ideas for Tattoos (For Guys)

Getting to those tattoos for guys then and how you can make them really appealing by choosing the perfect design for yourself. Let's get you the small tattoo designs.

Zodiac Signs

The zodiac symbols are some of the most popular choices for these form of tattoos. What's even more awesome is the fact that they can be just as appealing when they are small.
A cancer symbol neatly etched on the wrist or a small Sagittarius bow and arrow on the neck or any of the other signs are something that you'd want to carry with you with ease and elan because they do define you and your characteristics.


Names of cities, of loved ones or even your own name can be made into an elegant small tattoo. Just play with the font and keep the size small and there will be people craning to see what the tattoo is all about.

Quotes and Letters

A one line quote in cursive is one of the best small tattoo ideas to sport. Many people sport tattoos with simple tattoos that have meaningful quotes on them, something to remind them of what they believe in and draw inspiration from the same, always.
And it is not necessary that it has to always be quotes - sometimes guys give wing to their lighter vein and use words like 'Shhh' across the length of the fingers. That is definitely a new idea and you can look into that one.

Script Tattoos

Some guys are highly attracted by the prospect of getting a tattoo that sports a different script altogether. Something in the Chinese script or the Sanskrit script has proved to be very appealing for many.
Get the alphabet etched by a reputed salon or you'll be stuck with something that does not even mean what you want it to mean.

Constellation Tattoos

Interested in the stars and the moon or the basic galaxy? Why not think of a tattoo that showcases this love that you have for the stars? Think of various designs that have to do with the half moon, the full sun, etc.

Other Designs

If none of these seems to get your interests running high, here are some ideas for small tattoo designs for men that you can look into. Try a Celtic knot, feathers, crosses, anchors, pistol or bird and animal tattoos.
Small tattoos for guys can be made truly appealing and really unique. But for that, you have to understand what you need and how you can make it unique and different for yourself. After that just wait and see the effect that a small tattoo has on people, not just the girls.