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Small Tattoo Designs for Men

Small tattoo designs for men are definitely a good option available nowadays, even if large tattoos have been known as the quintessentially masculine ones. In this ThoughtfulTattoos post, we will go over some awesome design ideas for you to consider.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
Are you one of those guys who has just decided to step into the world of tattoos by getting one inked on? But, confused about the kind and size of tattoo to get inked on your body? Well, you might have seen a lot of men carrying large, body covering tattoos. If you are wondering whether the size of a tattoo is the test of masculinity, then remember that tattoos for men need not cover an entire body part.

Those who opt for these are ones having a huge passion for tattoos, the hardcore tattoo lovers. So, you can always opt for a small tattoo design as it is no longer considered dainty and feminine. Here are some ideas and things to consider about masculine designs.
Placement and Size
If you decide to opt for small designs, then you need to consider a few things. Where are you going to place the tattoo is the first decision you need to take. Before you think of the designs, finalizing the placement is essential in many ways. This will help you to decide the type of design, its size, etc. Next is measuring the exact size to help the artist to know about your exact needs. Accordingly you can consider whether to get more detailing in the design or not. Moreover, whether the chosen design will look great when fitted in the area or not, needs to be thought over with the suggestions of your tattoo artist. While deciding the placement, consider whether you want it to be visible when fully clothed or covered-up.
Tattoo Design Ideas
Guys can choose a motif from popular tribal tattoo designs, zodiac sign tattoos or the Celtic design tattoos for their piece of body art. You can have Celtic band tattoo designs in fine strokes which can work well for your arm, wrist or fingers. Opt for the mascots or logos of your favorite sports teams, one of the ideal tattoo designs for men. These can look perfect on your back, neck, shoulder or arm. Apart from getting other favorites like animals and sports team names, some would also like to go for their beloved's name or signature. These are a classic option for all you guys. How about getting the mascot or logo of your favorite brand of car or bike. Another unique idea is to have lettering tattoos. Like a statement defining yourself or a single word, believe me, it's a cool idea for men. You can also have the Chinese characters tattooed over perfectly in small space. Lion tattoos for men are the next great option. Barbed wire tattoo is one of the hot favorites of men. It's rugged and cool and makes an awesome armband tattoo for men.
While getting a small piece of this body art inked over, all you need to do is imagine and think a little out of the box and determine what is it that defines you best. Remember, a tattoo should be an extension of your personality. Following the right tattoo aftercare needs no mention, as it is a must and will help you maintain your motif's look. So, get ready to explore the small tattoo designs and have a cool tattoo inked over your skin.
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