Small Star Tattoos

Small Star Tattoos
Small star tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs since they look great anywhere on the body. This article lists some designs for small star tattoos and the places you could get them inked.
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Stars are beautiful to look at, and they symbolize eternity; they are known to be immortal and never ending. They twinkle through time without stopping. Tattoos also symbolize permanence; thus getting a star tattoo can be a great idea on its own. Star tattoos are very meaningful, as well as easy to get for your first tattoo. A single star doesn't look as great as a combination of stars or one with a unique design like a name or clouds. A trail of tiny stars to look like a falling star is perfect. There are myths which say that when loved ones die, they become stars and look down on you every single night. Many people get these tattoos because they believe in this myth or have some memories related to them. Many times, people just get them for fun since they look stylish.
It's a common misconception that these designs are feminine. There are many designs which are very masculine in appearance and look very attractive on men. The best part is that you can get them inked on any part of your body, since they are tiny and look very good no matter where you get them done.
The hip is the best place to get these designs inked since they look very cute there. Hips are the most preferred places for women. You can get them on the lower back or the frontal hips, on the belly button area. If you want the stars to look elegant and delicate, you can get one big black star on one side of the pelvic region and a trail of tiny stars following it. If you want to make it attractive, try a design with colors, instead of having a simple black tattoo. Colors will make them look cuter and add that extra punch to your design. Other designs like Mario and angel stars look very beautiful on the hips and lower back.
A single star with two lines under it signify a shooting star; this looks nice on the foot. Ankles and the area next to your toes are the places where many girls get inked. These tattoos also look great when they are made in multiple colors alternating each other, for example, black and red. A trail of 30 or more stars in a row from the calf to your toes can look very interesting. Many people also like to have colored nautical stars.
For those of you who don't want to get inked on their hips, shoulders, or feet, the wrists are the next best place. Since the area next to the wrist is small, these are the best designs. A six-pointed star with tinier ones around its border can make a great design for beginners. If it is the first time you're getting inked, get a simple star on your wrist; it looks very good.
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