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Small Foot Tattoos

Small foot tattoos are very popular nowadays. They are enticing and common among women, but painful as compared to inked on other parts of the body. Let's read about this trend.
Bhakti Satalkar Sep 29, 2018
Striking foot tattoos are small, simple, and intricate. Body art is a very personal symbol and reflects different aspects of personality.
People opt to get inked on foot as they can easily be hidden and would not cause a problem at workplace, etc. At the same time, they can also easily be shown off with aplomb. The canvas available to ink is way too small, and choose an appropriate design.
If you want to have an elaborate tattoo and are not really worried about the visibility, then you also can have elaborate design that start at the foot and go all the way up to legs. For an elaborate tattoo, you can also combine two different designs.



Floral motifs make for great designs for foot tattoos. This type of body art is more popular among the women than men.
Different flower tattoos have different meanings attached to the flower tattoos. At the same time, there is a lot of scope for customizing floral designs. Along with flowers, there are also different designs of leaves which can also be used to make cute small body art. Butterflies also are very common designs for the feet.

Celestial Designs

Stars are very popular among the body art aficionados for getting inked on the foot. Nautical star tattoos have always been very popular with men. Along with the stars, you can also choose to get moon, constellations, or planets.
These can also come to represent spiritual or astrological beliefs, or can also be looked upon as just an attractive creative piece of art. The solar system can also be taken for inspiration, which can also make your tattoo stand out from the rest. Talking to the tattoo artist can also be of immense help to get that unique design based on astronomy.

Angels, Fairies and Animal Faces

These elegant designs are very popular among women. If you believe in peace, then choose these tattoos, as they are looked upon as messengers of peace.
Some people also look at angel tattoos as spiritual, which reflect their personality and belief system. There are a number of designs which can be used for these tattoos, along with the wide variety of coloring options available.

Mirrored Designs

The other very popular idea is to get mirror images of a particular design made on both the feet. In this, mirror or identical images of flowers or stars are made on both the feet. If lettering is used, then the mirror may not be used.

Other Patterns

Rosary tattoos, small tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos, along with spirals, knot-work, etc., are the other designs, which are very popular as foot body art. The latest rage is anklet and toe ring tattoos.

Letters and Words

Like lettering tattoos are very popular on the nape, wrist, etc., they are also very popular on the foot. Combination of letters can be used to give a message. People choose to get the initials of their loved ones, children, etc., inked on their feet.
Letters and words are always a good medium to imprint something which is very important to you. Even in lettering tattoos, there are a number of fonts and styles which you can choose from. You can also opt to have them in mono-color or in different colors.
Foot tattoos are very cute, but they do need a lot of maintenance as well. Since, these are exposed more often than not, you will have to get the touch ups done more frequently, as compared to tattoos on other parts of the body.