Sleeve Tattoos for Girls

Sleeve Tattoos for Girls
Sleeve tattoos are rising in popularity day by day. A number of celebrities have got their hands and arms inked in various intricate designs symbolizing their personality, which has made this even more trendy. This article discusses the variety of designs available which any girl should consider before getting inked.
Commonly known as arm tattoos, sleeve tattoos are a rage among youth today. Specially girls, mainly because these designs can be flaunted when you wish and easily hidden when you want! These are done on the arm or the leg. There are three types; full, half, and quarter. These names signify the area each of these designs cover. e.g., full sleeve tattoos are made from the shoulder to the wrists or the thigh to the ankle. Half sleeves cover the area from shoulder to elbow or from the elbow to the wrist. If done on the leg, it covers the area of the leg from thigh to the knee, or knee to ankle. Quarter tattoos are done from shoulder to bicep.

Japanese Designs

Japanese tattoos have a history going back centuries! Earlier, only dragons would be considered as Japanese designs. However, now there are loads of other options.
  • Koi Fish: Koi fish tattoos are the most popular designs among girls. Koi fish symbolize ambition and prosperity. Another reason why this design is popular is, because of the glittering blue color of the water and the splendid orange colored koi fish it features.
  • Cherry Blossoms: This design features the bloom of a cherry tree, i.e., the branches and the maple shaped leaves. Cherry blossoms are regarded as a symbol of life. The cherry tree survives the harsh weather and stands upright, and so, Japanese people consider it an inspiration. Cherry blossom can be done as a half or full sleeve design.
Tribal Tattoos

There is a lot of variety available in tribal designs. Girls can opt for Polynesian half sleeve designs, as it is highly in demand these days. Tribal tattoos are done mainly for two reasons, the thick black ink used and the large area they cover. As they cover the whole arm at a time, you don't need to connect several different designs to make one whole tattoo. So, for a change, if you don't want any girly design, you can opt for a tribal dragon. To make the dragon more fierce, you can add red color to it!

Floral Sleeve Tattoos

You can experiment a lot with flower designs. You can feature different flowers on your arm, or delicate vines with cherries! Floral designs catch attention instantly, as they are very colorful. Another popular design is the butterfly. If you want something unique, you can feature flowers, vines, cherries, and butterflies together! After all, they all are interconnected to each other and so, it won't look weird, in fact you will be making a style statement!

Whichever design you opt for, remember to follow all the instructions of the tattoo artist and take proper care, so that, you are able to flaunt your unique sleeve tattoos forever!