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Simple Tattoos for Guys

Simple Tattoos for Guys
Getting a tattoo inked on your body is an easy decision to make. What's tough is finding the right tattoo artist and a design that you're confident about. Here is a ThoughtfulTattoos article that will give you suggestions on some simple tattoos for guys who wish to start small for now.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Tattooing has gained extreme popularity in recent days, especially among the youth. Each one of them wants to get a tattoo that will reflect their unique identity. There are some people who are looking forward for complex designs like dragons, skulls, or some kind of animal.
While these designs can look absolutely breathtaking, not many first timers can be so confident and go all out. For them, starting small, or shall we say simple, is the way to go.
Tattoo Designs to Consider
Any design that doesn't have extensive details and is relatively small in size can be called a simple tattoo. Which is why, you can convert any design into something you are confident about getting. Such a tattoo can be the best tattoo for a person who will be getting it for the first time. So, when you do not want to take any risk with complicated designs, it is always better to get a design that you won't regret later on. Depending on what you like and are into, select a design that you've been wanting to get for a long time now.
Chinese Symbols Tattoo
Chinese symbols tattoo
Having a Chinese symbol tattoo can be a great way to get a simple yet impressive tattoo. You have myriad of options in these letter-based tattoos, since there are almost 10,000 different Chinese symbols. Each of them has typical meaning and you can choose the one that has appealed you the most. Chinese symbols for love, happiness, peace, and strength are some of the most popular designs these days.
Tribal Tattoo
Tribal tattoo
Tribal designs are perfect tattoos for men, because they look striking with their bold patterns, symmetric designs and masculine looks. Tribal tattoos can be drawn to make too complicated design or simple yet attractive tribal design.
Star Tattoo
Star tattoo
Star tattoos are always known as simple and sweet tattoos. These tattoo designs are geometric in shape with no complicated designs. Nautical star tattoos, Star of David tattoo, shooting star tattoos, etc., are some of the star tattoo designs. Each of these star tattoos has interesting meaning and history associated with it.
Heart Tattoo
Heart Tattoo
Heart tattoos are symbolic tattoos that can be used to express various feelings. With a sacred heart tattoo you can show your devotion to Jesus Christ, while with a broken heart tattoo you can show betrayal or sacrifice in love. Thus, these are some of the most versatile tattoos which allow you to portray different emotions.
Zodiac Symbols Tattoo
Zodiac Symbols Tattoo
One more option is a zodiac tattoo. If you are strong believer in astrology then you should go for this tattoo design. Just find out your zodiac sign and get a tattoo with your zodiac symbol. If you want your zodiac tattoo with tribal touch then you can get a tribal zodiac tattoo.
Choosing the right placement for your simple tattoo is a very important step in tattooing. A wrong placement of the tattoo can lose the charm and beauty of the tattoo design. For a design, your arms, legs, back, and shoulders are some of the popular placement options. Armband or barbed wire tattoos look great on biceps.
Always look for a trusted and experienced tattoo artist with your 1st, 3rd, 5th, or 100th tattoo. This is what makes the difference between an average or botched up design and a masterpiece.
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