Tribal shoulder tattoo design

Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Tattoos can be inked on any part of the body, like the lower back, ankle, arms, etc. Shoulder tattoos, however, have a charm and appeal of their own. This Buzzle post tells you more.
Tattoos are a fashion statement for both men and women. Ten years ago, getting inked was not as popular among women, as it is today. Tattoos inked on the shoulder blade, on the back side of the shoulder, or on the upper arm near the shoulder are referred to as shoulder tattoos. Their advantage is that they can be concealed easily, which leaves you with no concern even at a conservative workplace. Shoulder tattoos look really attractive on a woman particularly when she is wearing a tank top or a halter dress.

Design for Shoulder Tattoo

Small and delicate tattoos with thin lines are preferred by most women as they look very feminine, though there are some who are ready to experiment with all shapes and sizes of tattoos. You should be choosing the design for your shoulder tattoo after some good amount of research. It should have a long-term appeal. It is advisable to pick a design that will reflect your personality. A dolphin tattoo gives an impression of beauty and playful nature of a woman, while a woman with a tattoo of her zodiac sign means she takes pride in what she is. Most importantly, you need to be careful that the design should not be offensive. While you'll find a lot of tattoo designs for girls, pick one that says something about you.

Abstract design
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Shoulder Tattoos for Women

When it comes to designs for shoulder tattoos, there are plenty of options available out there. The shoulder area is flat and wide so the tattoos look much better here. Basically, there are three different categories of tattoo designs. The naturalistic tattoo represents natural things like flowers, plants, or animals. Second is the abstract tattoo which has some hidden meaning. However, most of the time it happens that these may not make any sense to others, and are understood only by the designer and tattoo bearer. The third category is symbolic tattoos which could be some religious symbol or the symbol may have some significance for the tattoo bearer. Butterfly, dolphins, shooting stars, tribal motifs, flowers, Celtic designs, zodiac symbols, etc. are some popular ideas. The placement and style of the tattoo should be compatible with each other. Like fairy designs look good on the front shoulder, while tribal designs probably make the most sensual back shoulder tattoos.

During and after the procedure, you must strictly follow the instructions given by your tattoo artist. After the shoulder tattoo is completed, you have to restrict the movements of the shoulder for a few days. Rubbing or touching the area can be painful. Even friction from clothes can cause pain in the first few days. Before stepping out in the sun apply a good quality sunscreen lotion on the area, so that the color and image of the tattoo does not get damaged by the sun's rays.