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Shamrock Tattoos

Avanika Mote Jan 23, 2019
Shamrock tattoos signify good health and fortune. The designs originated from Ireland and make one of the most popular tattoo choices in the world. This information tells us more about the symbolism and gives a few cool design ideas to consider.
Shamrock tattoos have an Irish descent, and the word shamrock hails from the Irish words seamróg or seamair óg, that mean 'little clover'. The designs are of the three-leafed clover which is considered as a sacred symbol in Ireland.
Another symbol that is often associated with these designs is the four-leaf clover symbol. Interestingly, both these symbols have an Irish descent and date back to thousands of years ago, during the era of Druids, Celtic tribes, and even the modern era of Christianity.

Meaning and Symbolism

These tattoos are associated with fortune and wealth and have been a known symbol of prosperity for over centuries. You will be surprised to know that the clover plant was initially hailed as a medicinal plant and it was a part of herbal remedies that were used for curing illnesses. During the Victorian era, these designs became popular for clothes.
They are also associated with the shamrock that was used to symbolize St. Patrick - the patron saint of Ireland.
Soldiers of the royal Irish Army often wear a twig of the plant on the St Patrick's feast day, which falls on 17th March every year. As a symbol, the plant also has a political importance behind it. Queen Victoria had established this as a symbol of the regiment in honor of Irish soldiers who lost their lives in the Boer War.
As small designs, these tattoos symbolize prosperity, good health, luck, and wealth. If you are considering to get one of these inked on your body, you may consider locations like the ankle, nape of your neck, shoulder, wrist, on your toe, and even on your lower back!
As they are small in size and simple in design, they make an ideal choice for those who do not want a dazzling large tattoo on their body. As far as the placement goes, you have infinite choices for strategically placing it on your body. Since, they are small, they can be easily looked after and they will prove to be a permanent fortune emblem in your life!

Designs and Ideas

Shamrock tattoos are delicate designs of a clover leaf and a symbol of fortune and prosperity. They can be designed in countless ways, with a bit of additional creativity and brainstorming. Here are a few designs you may want to consider, if you are thinking of getting one.

Vine Design

A vine design is for those who are seeking a large tattoo. Best suited for women, this design will have small shamrock leaves surrounded by a floral vine design, very intricately designed and can be placed on your lower back. You may also consider placing this on either side of your torso or on the lower half of your leg.

Heart Locket Design

The heart locket design is a clover leaf wrapped in a heart representing love, prosperity, and fortune. This symbol can be placed on the top of your chest, at the end of your neck, like a small heart locket. It looks lovely on women. If men find it too girly, they may consider combining the shamrock leaf with a Celtic cross, a horseshoe, or a tribal design.

Celtic Knot

Celtic knots are popular designs in Ireland and make a great choice when combined with shamrock tattoos. A great style statement of body art can be made if they are designed with Celtic knots interwoven within four-leafed shamrock designs. This design has a deeper meaning than all the others. It has religious importance, apart from being a symbol of fortune!
The designs can also be combined with love name tats, cross tattoos, and shamrock tattoo encircled in the middle surrounded by small curl-like intricate designs on the three sides. By choosing this you are inviting good luck, prosperity, and fortune in your life, as a small design on your body is sure to bring prosperity in your life.
Shamrock tattoos are symbols for those who hail from Ireland and are proud of their Irish descent. Whether you are an Irish or not, they make the best designs for all those who have a passion for art. You can try one of these for your next ink.