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Ring Finger Tattoo Ideas

Amruta Gaikwad Jun 18, 2019
Art of making tattoos have been into existence for many years. So, if you are looking for different ways to commit to your love, stop hunting and borrow some of these unique designs for your ring finger.
Every tattoo has a different and unique meaning. Being symbolic, the youth today desires to have ink imprinted in creative designs, on their skin. Creating or borrowing various innovative ideas for getting a tattoo is an old trend and is growing with time.
People might have different purposes in getting a tattoo designed on their body. Identification, social, medical or cosmetic, whatever may be the purpose, this body art lives forever with you.
This new concept is becoming popular as it is a cheaper way of proposing and expressing commitment to your loved one. It has taken over the traditional jewelry such as diamond or gold rings, and introduced a wacky, yet a daring way of expressing love. Let's take a look at a few ideas.

Claddagh Ring

Claddagh ring finger tattoos are well-known and signify love and friendship. This type of tattoo originates from the village of Claddagh. This ring has a special significance due to the well-known legend of Richard Joyce and his love. Therefore, these rings symbolize love, faith and commitment.
However, the wearer may flaunt the tattoo for different purposes too. The way this ring is worn may indicate different meanings. If it is worn with the heart pointing towards the tip, the wearer is free from any commitments.
If the ring is pointing the other way round, the wearer is in a relationship. In case the ring is seen on the wedding ring finger, it clearly states that the wearer is married.

Critter Tattoos

Due to the lack of space on fingers, critter tattoos are suitable and look very cute. Tattoo of your favorite cartoon character or animal can be precisely designed round your figures. The tattoo does not hold any religious significance but it could be worn for merely showing off the design.

Celtic Ring

Celtic tattoos are very artistic and consists of beautifully crafted geometric designs. There are several Celtic ring designs, which have existed for many years. Though, these tattoos are associated with interesting stories, there are no written records of the stories. There are many patterns in Celtic tattoos. Let's take a look at them.
  • Celtic Knot: These knots do not have a beginning nor an end. This indicates unending cycle of death and rebirth. Knots maintain their pure form unless they are broken with a feet, head or a tail design. These designs make the knot impure.
  • Spiral Celtics: These designs are formed by spiral or twisting lines which run parallel to each other.
  • Maze Celtics: Many parallel lines are imprinted that are made to look like a maze.
  • Zoomorphic Style: These are mainly the designs of head, tail or animal.

Vine Tattoos

These delicate, elegant tattoos signify nature as most designs show climbing or growing plants. These graceful patterns of creepers are becoming favorite tattoos among women. You can even make it colorful, by adding various shades of colors.
Vine tattoos can be filled with a combination of colors. Of course, even showing off different colors hold different meanings. These tattoos can be done on any part of the body. It even looks great as a tattoo. You can create or adopt some of the delicate and unique vine tattoo designs, to get around your figure.

Name Tattoos

What could be better than inscribing your name around your finger? This unique tattoo looks great and shows off your individuality, loyalty and love. You can either, get your each letter inscribed on each finger or just get the first letter of your name inscribed on your finger.
Many people get the name of their loved one inscribed on their fingers too. These tattoos last forever and one must be ready to have lifelong commitment for the tattoo.
One should always be careful or sure before getting a tattoo on the body. They are mysterious and hold some hidden meanings. If these tattoos have appealed to you, we would still suggest you to study the meanings and stories of these tattoos to flaunt them in the right way.