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Rib Cage Tattoos for Guys

Are you searching for some ideas for a rib cage tattoo for guys? This article will prove helpful to you, since it enlists some good tattoo ideas and designs. Have a look...
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
"Tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul." ―Michelle Delio
Tattooing has been practiced since centuries, and it still continues and is popular even today. They can be considered as part of non-verbal communication, where the tattoo design speaks a lot about the views and emotions of the bearer. Every design has its own peculiar history or origin, design characteristics, and most importantly, its unique meaning. It is necessary that the tattoo is drawn on the right part of the body. The placement completely depends on the choice of the bearer. Some people like to reveal their tattoos by placing them on exposed parts like the arms or the neck, while others get them done on parts like the hips, rib cage, etc., so that they are not visible to all. Let us first take a look at some information on rib cage tattoos, before looking at design ideas for guys.
A rib cage tattoo, as the name suggests, is a tattoo carved anywhere on the rib cage part of the body. The rib cage is usually selected for large tattoo designs. The human rib cage is a bony and sensitive area, with very less tissue padding over the area. This makes the tattooing there a pretty painful procedure. Not just the pain, it is also quite discomforting. Thus, before getting a rib cage tattoo done, make sure you have a lot of patience and tolerance towards pain. Also note that, a rib cage tattoo looks great only when you have toned abs. Here are some ideas on such tattoos for guys.
Rib Cage Tattoo Ideas for Guys
It can be sculpted just on one side of the rib cage or on both sides. Or one can even get one in such a way that a tattoo on the back connects the two tattoos on both sides of the rib cage. Choosing the design may solve your query of placement. For men, the designs should be bold with nice colors.
Celtic Tattoos
Celtic designs were invented by a group of people called Celts, who belonged to an Indo-European group. These designs are known for their intricateness, that consist of knotted designs. There are plenty of designs that include simple knots, crosses, butterflies, etc. They have been related to Christianity, and symbolize growth and fertility. They make some good tattoo options for the followers of Christianity. When you want to go for some small rib cage tattoo, you cannot go wrong with a Celtic tattoo.
Ribcage tattoo celtic design
Ribcage tattoo celtic design
Quotes and Sayings
Getting such a tattoo is a very peculiar way of expressing your thoughts. Beautiful fonts are used to carve these quotes. It is not necessary that you should go in for a long quote. You can also go in for single words that hold deep meanings.
Tattoo with sayings
Tattoo with sayings
Snake Tattoos
These make some of the best masculine tattoo designs. They are known for both, positive and negative meanings, and are usually large in size, and the rib area provides the perfect canvas. Since there are so many different types of snakes, you have a lot of options to choose from. The way the snake tattoo is carved decides its meaning. For example, a snake with a forked tongue symbolizes a person who lies, while the one who sheds its skin stands for rebirth. The snake is also one of the Chinese zodiac signs.
Snake tattoo
Snake tattoo
Dragon Tattoos
These are famous for their large designs, filled with vibrant colors. They require a perfect canvas, so that complete justice is given to the tattoo. Japanese, Chinese, Tribal, and European dragons are some of the popular options that people prefer. Each of these designs has its own meaning and physical features. You may require a lot of time to select the perfect dragon, since there are a plethora of choices before you.
Dragon tattoo
Dragon tattoo
You can choose any of these rib cage tattoo ideas, or even use them as a base for an idea of your own. The only thing to remember is that, the tattoo you choose to get done should have some meaning that is close to your heart. Happy Tattooing!
Kangaroo silhouette tattoo
Yoga in nature
Dragon head
Butterfly in round design
Black monkey head tattoo
Chinese Goat
Red dragon illustration
Red dragon illustration