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Obnoxious Questions People With Tattoos are Tired of Hearing

Questions People With Tattoos are Tired of Hearing
So you thought getting inked was beautiful experience, and an aesthetic thought. It is also a lifetime of annoying questions, preening stares, and a barrage of judgments. Welcome to the 'Things People with Tattoos are Tired of Hearing' Club. And buckle up for a few stylish comebacks.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Oct 26, 2018
Is It Real?
Man with a questioning expression
Yup, the foremost question.
This may be partly because not everyone has a tattoo, and partly due to the rising popularity of henna and other semi-permanent tattoos. Everyone wants to size you up by asking whether you have braved the needle.

Alert: If you answer this in a positive way, this is the can (of worms or beans) opener!
Did It Hurt?
Woman getting a tattoo done
As soon as you solemnly swear the genuineness of your tattoo, this is the first annoying question with which you are posed with - Did it hurt? Of course it did, mister. Needles were used, and they aren't exactly feathery to touch, are they?
What Does That Mean?
Girl with tattooed arm
If it is a genuinely curious question, it's a great conversation starter. If it isn't, well, it isn't worth answering anyway.
Do Your Parents Know?
Mother and daughter with tattoos
This is a highly presuming question which undermines the coolness quotient of your parents. With many parents getting matching tattoos with their children, let's hope this question faces natural extinction.
What Will Your Children Think?
Mother with tattoos on her forearm playing with her daughter
Right, extend the question to all the generations.
What the questioner needs to understand is that, tattoos are a part of a person's being, and a child's love for its parents is not limited to their non-inked parts. Chances are that, tattooed parents will teach their kids to be more open-minded and accepting about other people's personal choices. Which will be great, for a change.
Won’t It Clash With Your Wedding Dress?
Tattooed girl in a wedding dress
"What if I match it with a fab one!" should be the pat reply. A girl with a tattoo may not always be a thug, but sure is a swashbuckler.
Why Don’t You Become a Tattoo Artist?
Tattooed man with a tattoo instrument in his hand
Because if you appreciate paintings, it is natural that you should become an artist, right? Wrong.
Even if somebody appreciates tattooing as an art, not everybody is born an artist. Though we all wish to be blessed with artistic abilities, this isn't possible every time.
Are You a Rebel?
Tattooed man standing with his arms folded
Not everyone has a tattoo, so people who choose to have one do stand out. But then, not everyone is judgmental, either! We hope the questioner gets the drift.
Do You Have More Tattoos? Where?
Man sitting with his elbows on the table
I see what you did there.

Nice try at being flirtatious. Nope.
Why Would You Do That to Yourself?
Man getting tattooed with a woman watching over
Umm... because it looks good? Because there's a meaning to it? Because... I choose to! Tattooing isn't defacing a body for everyone, so that question is both impolite and hurtful. So strike it off your list and your mind.
Do You Regret It?
Man sitting with arms on the table
Are you hoping I do?
When Are You Going to Stop?
Side profile of an arm with no stopping written over it
Yes, because that question is right next to "when are we phasing out fossil fuels?" in the list of questions that will save humanity.
If you didn't catch on the sarcasm, in simple words, it isn't your problem. Live, let live, and moreover, let tattooed people live in peace.