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Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Men

Naomi Sarah Apr 29, 2019
These ideas on quarter sleeve tattoo designs for men should give you a good picture which design would look the best as a tattoo. Find out here which designs would complement the quarter portion of your upper arm...
Tattoos, no matter what kind of, when well worked on, look extremely catchy and artsy.
A quarter sleeve tattoo is smart, because it could be hidden under a sleeve if in case one is working or studying; since in some organizations or universities tattoos are not allowed.
A quarter sleeve tattoo can be an elaborate or simple work of art, depending on what your mindset. Is this your first tattoo? Then choosing one that you can live with for the rest of your life is the hard part. If this quarter sleeve tattoo is one of many other already present tattoo works, then go ahead since you are aware of the ins and outs of tattooing.

Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Let us have a look at some sleeve tattoos for men that may perk up your interests. With the umpteen number of designs out there, it can be quite perplexing to choose something that works in your favor. The best kind of tattoo to get is one that symbolizes something meaningful to you.
That way you look at it everyday because it conveys a particular message, as opposed to something random that you can tire from seeing.

➳ Religious Tattoos

Many people sport crosses in different styles or other religious symbols that they staunchly believe in and respect. You can have the symbolic representation of your religion inked, or a quote or saying by a prophet or religious figure.
You can get really creative with this space, especially if you have a bare arm area at the top. Include detailing along the sides of the tattoo to make it look full since you have a certain height if not width, to stick to.

➳ Portrait Tattoos

Your upper arm is the perfect spot for getting the face of a loved one or close friend/relative inked for a portrait tattoo. To make it stand out and have a unique twist to it, you can add initials and dates and fill up the area sideways with intricate patterns. Move the portrait higher towards the shoulder bump to give yourself more room to work on.

➳ Lingual Tattoos

How about an interesting dialect tattooed onto yourself in the form of a poem or quote?
Experiment with font styles, translations, ancient meanings and the sort, to work into your tattoo. Be sure to have the correct translations done or you'll end up with a terribly gone wrong art piece.
The best way to do this is to refer to books and those who are familiar with the language, to translate what you want into that particular language instead of being impulsive.Therefore, it is important to do a lot of research before getting inked with something that is not familiar to you.

➳ Cosmos Tattoos

Cosmos related tattoos come out looking exceptionally good because of the work involved. It is very important to go to a tattoo artist who knows what he/she is doing and who has worthy ideas.

➳ Symbolic Tattoos

Do you have an idea in mind that translates into something significant for you? Like your favorite animal, your own pet or maybe a much-loved music artist or actor/actress?
You can have it tattooed on you with detailing of your choice done, to make it pop. When you're a hardcore fan or look up to someone for inspiration, it can drive you to actually tattoo them onto yourself.
Even getting pets tattooed on one's skin is a growing trend, since pets come and go, making us form bonds with them that last a lifetime. Think up something that means the world to you or has changed you in some way, working that idea into a tattoo art piece.
These quarter sleeve tattoo designs for men can help you decide on what would look its best on your upper arm. Be sure to research on anything not understood or touched upon before, to get the right idea tattooed onto yourself.