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Phoenix Tattoo Design Ideas for Men

Known to be a symbol of rising from the ashes, sporting a Phoenix tattoo is akin to regeneration of sorts. Have a look at some of the phoenix tattoo designs given in this ThoughtfulTattoos article for ideas.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
The Phoenix tattoo simplified ...
... is symbolic of a path that leads from death to immortality.
Sporting a phoenix tattoo cannot be approached flippantly as it is replete with symbolism. The phoenix itself has been a symbol of resurrection and rebirth over the years. Getting oneself tattooed with a phoenix surely has to have plenty of meaning attached to it. In keeping with the traditions, the phoenix is said to live for hundreds of years in a solitary state on sensing its end near. It would go around gathering twigs and resin to build a nest. Then it would wait patiently for a ray of the Sun to set the nest on fire. Eventually, the aged phoenix would give rise to another young phoenix that would emerge from the ashes.

Longevity, survival, and regeneration are symbolically associated with the phoenix, which just means that those sporting a phoenix tattoo have experienced or have an ardent desire to experience some kind of regeneration. You could easily take it as a symbol of having had to survive the odds to make it through a personal battle. In a way, each one of us has an undying spirit that seeks to fight and find a way out of problematic situations, and sporting a phoenix tattoo can simply be justified. Besides, getting inked is more about personal interpretation and symbolism than just treating it as a work of art, and there isn't any harm in getting one done.
The phoenix bird is always associated with being majestic; this attribute is employed in tattoos as well, thus, allowing the tattoo to span a larger area of the body. You can choose to get one that spans your entire back or opt for one that nestles cozily on your wrist. Here are a few design ideas for you to implement.
The Big and Bold
Think big and bold, and make a statement with a full back or a full sleeve phoenix tattoo. You can go in for one that sports the colors associated with the phoenix or one that makes it bold in plain black.
phoenix beauty tattoo
Tribal Phoenix
Tribal phoenix tattoos derive significance from prehistoric Egyptian and Chinese culture. Done in black and red, the rising phoenix symbolizes resurrection.
phoenix flaming
phoenix outline
The Flying Phoenix
The outstretched wings and fierce-looking phoenix make it apt for fearless men to sport. It's best done on the back or along the side of the rib cage. You can sport the first on the shoulder blade as well.
phoenix illustrated
phoenix rising
A Dash of Color
What's life without a hint of color? Boring ain't it? Prep up your phoenix tattoo by opting for one that is vibrant and ends up making a bold statement. Or choose one that tends to detailing, either of which will look good.
phoenix colored
phoenix red
Attitude Defining
What's your attitude towards life? Do you take on life as a challenge without really breaking down? If your answer is yes, then sporting a bent phoenix is apt for those of you with a never-say-die attitude.
phoenix young
phoenix descending
phoenix full
The Majestically Outstretched
How about getting a perfectly outstretched phoenix adorning your back? Don't forget the detailing that goes in with this.
phoenix decorative
phoenix two toned
Caught in Action
Catch the phoenix flying in action with this tattoo that is sure to give you the desire to fly high. Rise like the phoenix resplendent in all its beauty, and meet the challenges in life.
phoenix flying
Anyone who believes he has the power to resurrect or reinvent himself should sport the phoenix tattoo. Remember though, that the phoenix tattoo cannot be approached flippantly. Ensure you understand the meaning of the tattoo before you get yourself inked. You can use these tattoo suggestions as a base to guide you with more creative ideas.