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Phoenix Bird Tattoo

Phoenix Bird Tattoo
Bird tattoos are famous among men and women alike. It looks beautiful and can have various patterns that one can choose from.
Girija Shinde
These days tattoos are not just a way to decorate the body, they have become one of the ways of self-expression. People now choose designs which suits their personality; something that can tell more about them, without words. And that is why new tattoo designs are invented almost everyday.
Bird tattoos are one of the latest trends in the world of tattoos. Every bird ranging from sparrow to a vulture are depicted in a tattoo! Some bird tattoos are much more popular than the others, like, phoenix bird tattoos. This bird has fascinated everyone since centuries. Let us take a look at some interesting meanings, followed by some designs.
Phoenix Tattoo Meaning
There are many legends surrounding this beautiful bird. According to mythology, phoenix is a bird with an extraordinary quality, which is not found in any other bird or animal. It is said to be a bird which can rise again, that too from its own ash.
According to a legend, this bird was burnt down completely, but it did not die, three days after it was burnt, it rose again from the ashes. That is why it is called 'the bird of fire'. In fact, it is said that the word phoenix is derived from the Greek word 'red', as red is an universal symbol of fire. It is also said to be a creature with a very long life span.
According to a Jewish legend, the Phoenix refrained from eating the famous fruit of paradise, then set itself on fire but rose from ashes after three days. However, there is no evidence regarding the fact behind this legend. Thus it was regarded as the symbol of the setting and the rising sun.
The Greeks believed that phoenix lived in Arabia, near a well. Every morning it would go to the well to take a bath, and it would sing while doing so. The Greek god of sun, Apollo would stop each morning while pulling the sun across, to listen to its song.
Talking about the meaning of phoenix tattoos, it is regarded as an universal symbol of rebirth and resurrection. It teaches a valuable lesson that life never ends, it goes on. So one should never lose hope and those who want to celebrate the essence of life, can get this bird tattooed on themselves.
Ideas, Location and Designs
Unlike most of the tattoos, phoenix tattoos can be done by men as well as women. Anybody who wants to portray themselves as a fighter, can get this tattoo done. This tattoo has gained more popularity after the role of phoenix bird in one of the Harry Potter books. These tattoos are medium to large sized tattoo, so one should be careful while choosing an apt location for it.
Choose a location like back, sleeve, or belly as they offer an extensive canvas for detailed designs. Men mostly choose sleeve or upper back for the location, as phoenix bird tattoo can be chosen as a full sleeve as well as half sleeve tattoo design.
Other locations like chest or nape can also be chosen. Girls can choose the lower back as the location, mainly because of the different colors that are used in it. It can be flaunted with grace when done on the lower back.
Talking about designs, the classic black and white tattoo is one of the most popular designs. Another design which you can use, is a colorful phoenix with ball of fire in the background.
Bright colors like red, black, and golden are mostly used to depict the ferocity of the fire and the phoenix bird. A picture of phoenix rising from the ashes can also be depicted in any part of the body.
Phoenix Bird
Magic firebird
Decorative Phoenix bird