Peace Tattoo Design Ideas

Bhakti Satalkar Nov 22, 2018
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Peace signs and symbols and its representations are one of the most popular tattoo designs the world over. Its message is evident and their appeal is universal. Here are some ideas if you are looking for inspiration.
Tattoos are a great medium to express individuality and choice. Nothing really beats peace tattoos in their appeal and popularity. The sign can be seen all around us, including on T-shirts, posters, bumper stickers, and key chains. The meaning attached with it has transcended to mean many more things, than just its original symbolism.
It has gone on to become an emblem for anti-war, it is associated with the hippie culture, etc. Given all the appreciation and acclaim this sign has received, it is not really surprising, that peace symbol tattoos have gone onto become one of the most popular designs.
Usually, tattoos for the peace symbol is made in its very basic form. It is normally a simple black circle, along with a downward facing, three-pronged fork. Although numerous people like to stick to the traditional and simple design, there are other ideas, which you may find appealing. A simple 'V' sign made with fingers is also one of the representations.
Peace tattoos can be more colorful and bold, than the traditional ones if made with melting rainbow colors. It can be made with a raised 3-D effect or sparks of color throughout a black body.
The other option is to combine it with other symbols. Rose vine wrapping around the prongs of the original symbol with blossoms at random spots is one design. The entire sign can also be made only with vines or the other option is with sprouting thorns. This symbolizes guarded peace.
One very popular design is to make the symbol on the back of a tortoise-shell. This combination of symbols is eye-catching and expresses a feeling of serenity within the confines of one's own shell.
A white dove also has been a sign of peace for a very long time. When Noah dispatched birds to seek news of the flood's end, it was the dove, who returned with an olive branch in its beak. The olive branch, from then, has gone to become a covenant between Man and God.
In modern-day times, it was artist Pablo Picasso, who re-established the iconic dove as a peace symbol, when he designed a lithograph for the Peace Congress to be held in Paris in 1949. This lithograph is a simple line drawing, which makes for a simple yet elegant tattoo design.
Olive branch or olive leaf also has been long associated with peace.
In the Greek mythology, they symbolized harmonious intentions. The meaning associated with 'to extend an olive branch' holds true to this day. The peaceful connotations attached with an olive branch, date back to the competition between Athena and Poseidon to see, which God knew the gift that was most useful to mortals.
Athena trumped Poseidon by gifting an olive tree, which had a number of associations with peace and harmony. On the other hand in Asia, it is the white crane, that has long been associated with peace, which comes from prosperity and friendship.
In the years after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it became a symbol of peace. If you are fond of tribal art, then you may want to opt for a tribal peace tattoo. A variation can also be to get one made based on Celtic designs.
There is a wide variety to choose from, so deciding which one is the right one for you can be a difficult task. You can talk to your tattoo artist, so that it choosing the right design becomes easier for you.