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Peace Sign Tattoos for Girls

Naomi Sarah Apr 23, 2019
The ladies can refer to these primo suggestions on how to design their art pieces that revolve around the infamous peace sign...
The sign of peace has been for a long while, a known and worldly acclaimed symbol for universal conciliation. The hippies were the first to bring about this much professed need, to spread love and overall peace among mankind.
Surely you've seen this sign plastered on tie and dye shirts, spray painted on hippie vans and dangling on long chains around the necks of those who firmly believe in the message of peace among all men.
The era that was - when hippies were ridiculed for their forward, open-minded and carefree attitude, with no belief in an outlined system that was made by man, where the message still rings loud and clear till date.
It may be hazy now with nations still battling it out to the top, with men (and women) still bloodthirsty and conniving, but there are a few of us growing in number, slowly if not rapidly, that still spread the word of peace.
So for all those ladies out there who want a peace sign tattoo to signify a belief that is deep-set, with a mission to incorporate this in your life and spread it as you go along - then these suggestions should have you mulling over some pretty creative tattoo ideas.

Ideas on How to Get a Peace Sign Tattoo Inked

Let's now take a look at some peace sign tattoo design ideas, that you may like to work into your art piece. Be sure to experiment with color and depth when it comes to these peace sign tattoos, or you could also go in for something simple and direct, if you want to stay within a said budget.

☮ Flower Power

Using the hippie culture as your base design, you can add an array of colorful hippie style flowers to your tattoo design, along the outline of your peace sign. Instead of the ordinary circle and outstretched arms, you could fill these up by placing flowers instead along the pattern.
It would make your art piece stand out, and would work best if done in black and white shaded work, or in colorful bursts if your skin tone amplifies them. The flower sizes can vary with little leaves and protruding branches added to give it more detail work. Based on where you're getting it done, decide on the size of your tattoo work.

☮ Intertwined Barbed Wire

Picture the peace sign tattoo in your mind's eye, and imagine the outstretched Vs of the sign in tight barbed wire coils. Your tattoo artist will understand the idea behind what you want it to look like and can design it for you.
The barbed wiring can be interlocked, with spiked detailing to make it more thorny. The entire peace sign can be done in black ink work, although be sure that he uses a thin needle instead of a thick one, to capture the essence of the barbed wire work.

☮ Phoenix

What does a phoenix represent?
It symbolizes rebirth, rising from the ashes as a newborn person, with a whole new outlook on life that focuses on reaching a state of being that is pure, and unadulterated. If you've been through an experience that has changed you, or made you a better person with a whole new perception on what life is, then this tattoo would encase that idea even better.
Combine the concept of peace and a new life within the artwork by having the tattoo artist sketch a phoenix with its wings held in a downward swoop, and its tail right in the middle, engulfed in fire-y colors. Its majestic head would form the upper center of the peace sign. You could have the circle done as a ring of fire, or a singed wreath.

☮ Rose Petals

Using the blood-red color to give the tattoo a whole new dimension, have rose petals placed along the peace sign's design, and let the artist give it detailing, like maybe a couple of thorns peeking through here and there.
It would signify both love and peace combined as one, where the thorns could symbolize the struggle that these two elements of harmony face when one tries to instill it within the world and among its people.
For a simpler set of designs, you could have a streaming flow of peace signs, varying in size and flowing in a particular pattern along your body, like a spurt of bubbles. Medium-sized or tiny plain peace signs, that are to the point, could also work in your favor, to show the world that you're for peace, and not against it.