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Necklace Tattoo Designs

Necklace Tattoo Designs
Necklace tattoo designs range from tribal tattoos, ancient inscriptions, to modern phrases and motivational quotes. These tattoos look extremely bold and consist of a distinct sense of self that does not conform to conventional norms.
Mukta Gaikwad
The craze of tattooing is slowly moving towards necklace tattoos as many pick this body part for its sensuality. It is one place where the tattoo is obviously seen and clearly stands out against the light complexion of the skin. Such tattoo designs usually include symbolic designs or other intricate patterns that go around the neck to form the shape of a necklace. Most of the necklace tattoos are symbolic representations of rich ornaments that were worn in the earlier times. Many of them have been copied from tribal art forms that intrigue the world even today.
Necklace Tattoo Design Ideas
Celtic Tattoos
Celtic knots have been in fashion for years together. Though they look extremely fashionable, they hold a deeper cultural and symbolic meaning. These interwoven knots form an intricate picture of spirals and mazes. The origins of these tattoo designs are from the Celtic era that dates back to 400 BC. The hypnotic patterns of Celtic knots are extensively used in graphic illustrations, wood carvings and stone works, besides being used as tattoo designs. The esoteric meaning of Celtic knots relates to beginnings and endings of lives and seasons. Apparently endless in structure, these knots exude the spirit of timeless thoughts. They represent the cycles of birth, death and rebirth, thus encompassing a spiritual thought of transcendence.
Tribal Tattoos
Ancient tribes wore tattoos to represent ranks, associations and retributions. These tattoos were more than just random doodles on the body. They were graphical representations of the status the wearer had earned. Tattoos from the Kalinga tribe, ancient Indian tattoos and other south east Asian tattoo designs are excellent neck tattoo ideas. Many times, tattoos worn by the tribal also represented a nuptial status, rites of passage say from teenage to adolescence, guardianship from evil spirits, while some were designs that were known to bring luck.
Maori Tattoos
Maori tattoos have fascinated both, tattoo artists and tattoo wearers, for the longest time. The detailing of these tattoos is like none other. In ancient New Zealand, tattoos were drawn with bone chisels and natural inks. The art of tattooing is known as 'ta moko' and a tattoo is known as 'moko' by Moriori people. Tattooing began at puberty to make the warrior look attractive and mark an important day in his life. These tattoos also represented rites of passage for young Morioris.
Inscriptions and Phrases
Spanish, Sanskrit, Latin or even Japanese inscriptions are quite a craze amongst tattoo lovers. Getting a necklace tattoo of your favorite inscription or phrase will definitely make your tattoo look unique. Such a tattoo can be Biblical verses or lines from old religious books. They can also be one liners or small prayer couplets. Pick the one that makes sense to you, and means something to you if you want to wear it around your neck.
Getting a tattoo around your neck can be very painful, as it is a very sensitive area of your body. As it an area close to the spine, fat content is less, which gets the tattoo needle closer to the bone. This makes it a painful experience. All the tattoos are wounds, which have to be given time to heal. As this is a tattoo around your neck keeping it away from sweat and water (especially while bathing) is very difficult. Thus, its aftercare is a tricky affair, which may increase the time required for healing. Also remember that necklace tattoo designs are difficult to hide and are clearly visible. Thus, think twice before you ink a design on your neck as its nature is only permanent.
Maori style tattoo
Tribal Spearfish
Celtic Cross Tattoo