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Neck Tattoo Designs

Madhura Pandit Nov 22, 2018
Tattoos on the neck are very popular and have been going around for a while now. Here are some interesting ideas on small neck tattoo designs for men and women.
One may not be aware, but, the art of tattooing was prevalent in many ancient civilizations like the Egyptian or the Greek civilizations. However, it regained its popularity in the 19th century, and today, tattoos are equally popular among men and women all over the world.

Tattoos for Women

Tattoos for women are more inclined towards artistic beauty and gracefulness. The following designs can be used for making both front and back neck tattoos for women.

Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly tattoo symbolizes impermanence of life, change, transformation, freedom, etc.
This tattoo is also greatly favored by women for its beautiful and graceful appearance. Popular designs include a small, colorful single butterfly or a pair of them flying together.

Flower Tattoo

Flowers are symbols of femininity and are one of the most popular tattoo design ideas for women.
There are thousands of flower varieties known to man, and nearly all flowers and flower tattoos have certain meaning associated with them. For example, the rose stands for love and passion; orchid for beauty; daisy and lily for innocence; marigold for riches; and so on.

Tattoos for Men

Men rarely go for neck tattoos as they usually prefer larger designs made on their shoulders, arms, back, etc. However, if you have decided to have a neck tattoo made, the following are some of the best designs to consider.

Zodiac Tattoo

Zodiac symbols are one of the most recent designs used for tattoos that are slowly gaining popularity.
Every zodiac sign has its own specific symbol and glyph, which can be used as a tattoo design. All the symbols of zodiac signs are attractive, and hence, zodiac tattoos can prove to be a good choice!

Heart Tattoo

The heart is one such symbol in the world that needs no explanation.
This design symbolizes love, relationship, commitment, togetherness, etc. Different types of heart tattoo designs like the red heart, bleeding heart, broken heart, heart with dagger, or the actual human heart are available today and can be used for tattooing.
Apart from these, star, nautical star, cross, etc., can also be used for making neck tattoos. Secondly, scripts, verses, meaningful phrases, etc., in different languages can be inscribed in attractive styles and fonts.
Lastly, one should remember that tattoos should only be made by a certified professional tattoo artist. Also, tattoo making and removal is a painful process, and hence, you need to think carefully before going for it. Good luck!