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Native American Tattoo Designs

Native American Tattoo Designs
Native American tattoo designs are well-known for their unique way of art. If you too are a tattoo fan, read on for some amazing ideas on these designs.
Aparna Jadhav
There are many who find Native American culture and traditions very fascinating. Some people who belong to this culture but have moved further, like to have tattoos inked on their bodies to keep their traditions alive. But those who are simply fans of this culture like to get them done because they appreciate the variety in their designs and culture. As you know, body art has deep significance in diverse cultures and traditions. They can be made as a memory for a loved one, or simply as a style quotient. The feathers, beads, animals, weapons, stars, dream catchers, and many more things that make this unique culture well-known, can be tattoo designs. In the following paragraphs there are a few native American tattoo designs described for you, so take a look.
Feather Tattoos
Feathers of different birds have their own individual significance and are mostly used for ceremonial and religious purposes. Combination of different types of feathers, like those of the eagle and the owl, or of hawks make great designs, which mean life and death. When many colored feathers are combined together, it signifies the vibrant and multiple colors of life. They also symbolize bravery and courage.
The native Americans wore these while going to war or hunting. Another peculiarity of this culture is that the chief and the elders of the tribe wore a headdress made from 30 or more feathers. And these feathers were supposed to be earned by them for each act of bravery that they showed. An old man with this headdress, either on the arms or backs, is also a very famous tattoo design for many.
Animal Tattoos
Animals are very important in their culture as they are considered as blessings from God. According to them, each person has an animal spirit in them, whose strength enables them to fight and survive. Animals, like lions and other carnivores, are the dominant ones, while smaller animals are meek and timid. But each of them have their natural instincts to survive in the ruthless jungle.
These animal tattoo designs were very popular among them. Given below is the significance of these designs.
  • Bears: They are the guardians who have willpower, strength, courage, and strong instincts.
  • Bulls: These rush into things without preparation and warning. They also stand for fertility.
  • Deer: It stands for gentleness, peace, grace, and innocence.
  • Eagle: Intelligence, freedom, sacrifices, and risks are the characteristics of this brave bird.
  • Wolf: Loyalty, intuition, success, and spirituality are its traits.
  • Lion: Family, courage, and is a protector of the tribe.
Totem Pole Tattoos
Another very famous symbol is the totem pole, which stands at the gates of the villages or houses. It symbolizes a tribe, clan, family, or any individual. These poles have designs of many wild animals, which means they provide security and protection to the tribes or clans from evil. They act as guardian spirits, and watch over the tribes at night when their leaders are at rest. You can get these poles made on your arm, back, and chest. You can also get dream catcher tattoos or kokopelli tattoos, which stand for protection, fertility (reproduction), etc.
Native Americans believe nature to be their life giver and creator. You can get any of these designs inked on your body if you like the tattoos inspired by their culture.
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Doodle totem
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