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Name Tattoo Designs

Name Tattoo Designs
This article will tell you about some wonderful designs that are easy, yet unique. If you want to get someone's name tattooed, these designs will definitely help.
Neha Joshi
If there are tattoos that have never gone out of style, they're name tattoos. People have been getting these done since ancient times. It's nothing new to see a couple getting each other's name inked, or a parent getting his/her child's name tattooed. If you want to get such a tattoo as well, there are a few things you need to keep in mind while zeroing in on the design.
The language you use to get your tattoo, makes a lot of difference. Understand that you have many options. You can use some beautiful scripts, such as those of Chinese, Arabic, and Sanskrit even. Try to make your tattoo unique this way. A well-written name will always stand out, irrespective of what you do to enhance it later on.
Colors are a very important part of the design. Different colors will give your name tattoos a different meaning all together. We all know colors symbolize different things and it is these things we need to keep in mind. It is not, however, mandatory to use a color. You can use just black and that will be good enough. Also, some colors have similar meanings. In this case, you could use either of the two.
Here are some colors and what they mean:
  • Red―Action, Courage, Vitality, and Confidence
  • Pink―Beauty and Love
  • Orange―Vitality along with Endurance
  • Brown―Earth, Convention, and Order
  • Purple―Royalty, Mystery, and Magic
  • Black―Death, Stability, and Earth
  • Blue―Youth, Truth, Spirituality, and Peace
To enhance your tattoo, you may consider getting smaller designs around it. In that case, it's always better to use objects according to gender. For example, if you're getting your baby girl's name tattooed, consider using feminine objects around it. Even if you're the father, the design of her name should be feminine. Try to keep these designs in sync with the name.
One of the most important aspects of the design is the font you use. Always use a font that is different. Normal, straight fonts get boring after some time. Just like the designs, the font should also be in sync with the name. For example, if you're getting a girl's name inked, don't use a font that is bold and big. Similarly, for a boy's name, avoid a cursive font. You can use a tribal font to get something totally different.
In the end, always remember that if you're using a language/script you don't speak, get it checked several times from different sources. You don't want to end up with a wrong tattoo. Also, take suggestions and advice while finalizing the design of your tattoo.
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