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Music Tattoo Ideas

Music has been a part of all cultures around the world. Isn't it natural to have tattoos inspired by it? Well, there are a number of music tattoo ideas, that you can make use of to make your tattoo stand out.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Music produces a kind of pleasure, which human nature cannot do without 
― Confucius
If music be the food of love, play on 
― William Shakespeare
Both these quotes speak volumes about music! If a person is in a lousy or bad mood, the sound of music will turn his/her mood into a pleasurable one. That is primarily the reason why people use music tattoo symbols to make their tattoo designs. There are others, who opt for them because of their love for music, either as a musician or an enthusiast. There are some small music symbols, which are very commonly seen. They include the treble clef, the staff, and not to forget the notes. If any musicians decide to get themselves inked, they will choose designs that reflect their own part in the musical process, such as a particular musical instrument, like guitar, drums, etc., or choose to get musical notes.
A music tattoo idea is a way to reflect a person's individual style and love for music. You can opt for an image, which represents music and get a tattoo designed around that image.
This is by far the most chosen music tattoo symbol for both men and women. It can represent any particular style of music, ranging from hip-hop to any musical instrument, such as drums and guitar. The very shapes of notes lend themselves easily to make cute tattoo designs. You can be creative and incorporate them to make different types of designs. For example, you can design one to look like a heart or place it inside a heart. Peace sign can also be incorporated into the shape of a G clef. Angel's wings coming off the sides of the note, also make for an interesting design. A group of notes and stars placed together form a great music constellation and a wonderful design. If you are wondering which is the most commonly used note, it is without doubt the treble clef. Bass clef is also used, but it is not as common as the treble clef.
Lyrics are one of the most favorite music tattoo symbols. Opting to get those lyrics inked, which mean a lot to a person, is very common. There are different ideas you could choose from. They can have certain symbolism in your life or can be something you are fond of. Along with them, you can also get stars, hearts, or some other designs made to make the tattoo look attractive.
Musical Band
If you have a particular musical band that you are fond of, you can use its logo to make a tattoo. These types of tattoo designs are commonly seen with both men and women. You can change the logo a little to suit your taste. For example, if a logo has rough edges, you can ask the tattoo artist to soften them, etc. Changing the color combination of the logo is also not uncommon.
Musical Instrument
If you are fond of a particular musical instrument, then you can get it tattooed. Some people also opt for it because they are fond of a particular person who plays that instrument.
Music tattoos can be made on any part of the body. But they are commonly observed on the wrist, sleeve, ribcage ones, etc. Celtic ones, tribal ones, etc. also can be used to make the tattoos look different. When you are looking for ideas, it is better to be open so that you have a unique design. At the same time, reviewing your ideas will also help in making the tattoo look attractive and also unique.