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Music Tattoo Designs

Music Tattoo Designs
What can be better than tattooing a musical instrument, note, or staff to show your love for music? This ThoughtfulTattoos article gives you ideas and suggestions on tattoo designs for music lovers, both men and women.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Music is loved by one and all, and you will hardly find anyone who dislikes it. Whether it is rock, hip hop, pop, or classical, all genres of music are unique and take up a special place in the hearts of their followers. Such is the magic of music that it can melt your heart to cry or it can make you feel on top of the world.
There are various ways to express the love for music, and getting inked is one such form. It is a creative way to show your love for a particular art, your soulmate, or some traditional belief. Music tattoos symbolize the craze and love for music. It can be a simple note, or it can be a musical instrument. So, if you are a big fan of music and want to get a music tattoo, then here are some design ideas for you.
Cool Tattoo Ideas for Music Lovers
Music Note Tattoo Ideas
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For a simple tattoo you can always have a music note design. They have stylish shapes and you can come up with some nice designs containing all of them, or may be just one or two. Among all the notes, treble is very popular because of its nice, curvy shape.
If you want a heart tattoo out of music notes, then get a design that combines two treble notes with one note placed upside down. A heart shape can also be attained with two bass clefs by placing them in a such manner that they look like mirror images of each other.
Even a combination of treble and bass clef can make a nice heart tattoo. A small cluster of notes placed on hips makes one of the sensuous music tattoos for girls. Single note tattoos, being small in size, make good choice for the wrist and neck.
Music Staff Tattoo Ideas
A staff is nothing but a set of five lines on which the music notes are placed with each of the line representing different pitch. It can be easily portrayed into a form of tattoo. These tattoos are also called sheet music tattoos.
While getting this tattoo, it is not necessary to have the lines straight. Both the lines and notes over them can be made in various artistic manners. You can get the tune of your favorite song inked in your tattoo. These designs can be made on forearm, upper arm, rib cage, or even your back.
Other Designs
When it comes to tattoos, there are innumerable design options in front of you. If you want to have your favorite musical instrument, let's say a guitar, then you can have it inked on your arm or back with musical notes coming out of it.
Arm tattoos with tabs of piano carved in black and white colors are cool designs for men with well-toned arms. A tattoo with a music player and notes coming out of its speaker is a creative way to have a tattoo. A cherub playing a guitar or a fairy playing the Celtic harp also make great designs.
A music tattoo need not be restricted to just notes or musical instrument. You can even have a small portrait of your favorite singer! You may also go for a tattoo with the name of your favorite rock band or rapper. If you like the aggressive and bold patterns of tribal tattoos, you can go for tribal music tattoos. Combination of music tattoos and other designs like nautical star and hearts, are also quite popular.
So, these were some amazing ideas and suggestions for getting a tattoo. The design ideas are endless, and choosing one can be a daunting task. So, visit an expert who can guide you and get your favorite tattoo done. You can also come up with your own ideas and combinations. Happy tattooing!
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