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Mexican Tattoos for Men

Mexican Tattoos for Men

Are you a tattoo enthusiast with more than a passing interest in Mexican culture? Or a Mexican who loves to wear your culture on your sleeve? Well, if your answer to any of the two questions is yes, then rest assured you have come to the right place. Just go through this article to know which are the most popular designs when it comes to Mexican tattoos for men.
Mukulika Mukherjee
Located in the southern part of North America, the country of Mexico has a history that dates back to the ancient civilizations of the Olmecs (1200 - 1000 B.C.), the Mayas (300 - 900 A.D.), the Aztecs (15th century A.D.), and the Toltecs (700 A.D.). These ancient civilizations have contributed to the rich culture and heritage of Mexico. Today, when tattoos are emerging as the new mode of self-expression, more and more people are choosing to flaunt their 'Mexican connect'. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the emerging trends in tattoo designs, are all influenced by the age-old traditions. From Aztec symbolism to the designs found on the Mayan ruins, tattoos that are meant to "connect" you to your roots, are a rage. This is also the reason tattoos of the Mexican flag are so popular. The other observed trends include skull tattoos, gang tattoos and cross tattoos, among others.

Popular Mexican Tattoos for Men

From being a part of religious rituals of primeval Mexico, to being the fashion statements that they are today, tattoos have surely come a long way. Let's take a look at the different Mexican tattoos for men, and the significance of each.

Aztec Tattoos
As stated earlier, these tattoos depict the symbols associated with the Aztec civilization. These symbols can vary from religious motifs like gods and goddesses worshiped by those people, to certain things like weapons, tools, and artwork, characteristic to that era. An interesting aspect of these tattoos is the common occurrence of the 'Aztec dagger' which is remnant of the human sacrifice practiced by the Aztecs. The depictions of the sun god and other forces of nature, worshiped by the Aztecs, also form an integral part of Mexican tattoos for men.

Patriotic Tattoos
The patriotic tattoos stand for one's pride to be a Mexican, and his love for Mexico. These include Mexican flag tattoos, tattoos of the Golden Eagle, national emblems and the map of Mexico, among others. You can either use any of these symbols independently, or combine them in a creative way, to create unique tattoos. The colors of the Mexican flag, red, white and green, are mostly used in these tattoos. The soaring Golden eagle is a revered symbol of Mexico, hence the popularity! You can also tattoo a map of Mexico on your arm and include the names of your family along with the name of your town, to show your love for them. This also signifies that you are true to your roots and are proud of the region you come from.

Skull Tattoos
The skull tattoos are not only popular among men, they can be sported by women as well! These tattoos, which signify death, can also signify a person's love for his loved ones who have passed away. Inspired by the Mexican festival of the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated in memory of the ancestors, the Mexican skull tattoos are primarily of two types: sugar skull tattoos and warrior skull tattoos. The sugar skull tattoos are made using vibrant colors and are fascinating to look at. The warrior skull tattoos symbolize an invincible warrior, and are more popular along with tattoos that depict a flaming skull. Most people prefer to have these tattoos on their arms or the back.

Gang Tattoos
The history of the gang tattoos can be traced back to the Mexican gangs that have been around for centuries. Each of these gangs used a specific tattoo as a mark of their affinity to that particular gang. This tradition gradually became popular, and now even the common man finds such tattoos unique and wants to sport one! The most popular gang tattoos include the complete names of the gangs or their abbreviations. Other popular Mexican gang tattoos include those that depict "praying hands".

Religious Tattoos
Christianity has a major influence on Mexican tattoos due to the fact that Mexico is a catholic country. The symbol of the 'Lady of Guadalupe' features prominently in many of the Mexican religious tattoos. This tattoo depicts the Virgin Mary surrounded by an aura of golden light. Other examples of religious tattoos include tattoos of the Christ, the cross and the sacred heart. Men commonly prefer the cross tattoos while the sacred heart tattoos are preferred by women.

Mexican tattoos are popular because they are unique and are easily distinguished from other tattoo designs. In addition to the Mexican tattoos for men, discussed above, there are other trends that are quite prevalent. One of these is to ink phrases in the Mexican language. With a bit of creativity, you can create unique designs using the different motifs. So, discuss your vision with a skilled and experienced tattoo artist to come up with a tattoo that reflects the real you!