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Mexican Skull Tattoo

Mexican Skull Tattoo
Mexican tattoos are a very well-known style of tattooing and is used all over the world by tattoo fans. Here is a ThoughtfulTattoos post that will give you a look at some great Mexican skull tattoo designs.
Aparna Jadhav
Mexican tattoos are well-known for the reason that they feature very specific icons like the national flag, religious symbols and sometimes display the Aztec tattoos. One peculiarity of the Mexican culture and these tattoos was that they always depicted Gods and the strengths that they stood for.
Day of The Dead Sugar Skull with floral ornament
Mexican tattoos were always made in a ritualistic manner as the natives believed that every individual has a God in him which governs his personality and actions in life. Thus getting these tattoos done, always mean to have either religious symbols or designs which show Aztec style of tattooing. One of the very well-known designs which is used in these tattoos is the skull design. It is a unisex design and can be made in any pattern of your choice. Thus today it is very common among a number of tattoo fans. Find some of your favorite tattoo designs from the following designs.
Designs to Consider
Before stepping inside a tattoo parlor, there are a few things you need to consider. Of course, you'll be needing a kick-ass design. However, we can't stress enough on the importance of searching for an experienced tattoo artist. Instead of looking at the total price of your tattoo, go through the artist's previous work to get a clear picture.
But until then, here are some designs that we think look supremely amazing.
Human skull with blue flower
Vector set of skulls mexicana
Three doodle stylized colorful skulls
Three doodle stylized colorful skulls
Vector set of skulls mexicana
Three doodle stylized colorful skulls
Vector set of skulls mexicana
Vector set of skulls mexicana
Tattoo Meanings and Symbolism
Couple with Mexican Skull Tattoo on Feet
As it is such a hit with today's youth and tattoo aficionados, it mostly stands for mortality and death. Those who wish to pay a tribute to their loved ones who are no more get such tattoos inked on their bodies. The concept was inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, which is a holiday in Mexico to remember those who have died.
Sugar Skull Tattoo
This style of tattoo is unique and not many people know about it still. The designs have semi-skull patterns with some part of the face showing the skull while most of it is made as a normal flesh face. These tattoos are quite colorful as the artist uses vibrant colors like pink, blue, purple, green, and many more shades. Sometimes the artist tries to include his/her creativity with these combination of colors that make the tattoos look attractive. These skulls can be of maidens as well as men, and have other designs to go with them, like flowers, crosses, hearts, diamonds, and bows.
Warrior Skull Tattoo
Skull and Cross Swords Woodcut
The other style which many men prefer is the warrior skulls with either tin helmets or swords in the designs. Though these tattoos are very inhuman, they look very masculine and hence are inked by a number of bikers. Warrior skulls have a certain strength about themselves and also symbolize being an immortal fighter. Warrior skull tattoos are gaining fame with many youngsters and most of them come up with their own designs for this theme.
Other Skull Tattoos
Day Of The Dead Man
There are many other designs which can be used for the Mexican skull tattoo as they look very attractive along with combination of things. You can have Gothic designs like the tree tattoos to go with the skull, or eagles and vultures too. Certain bones from the skull like the jawbone or one side of the temple are also made by many fans. As the tattoos depict a darker side, fans like to get these done for fun. A flaming skull would also look superb if it's done in the right style and manner. When it is simply one skull design and no other, these tattoos look good in black but when accompanied with other designs, you would prefer a colored tattoo.
You can have these tattoos on your back in full size or shoulder blades as these designs don't look good when made smaller in size. Thus, if you want to get one of these tattoos, we will suggest either the arm, neck, shoulder blade, back, thighs, calves, or feet. These places have ample space to accommodate a complete skull.