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Knight Tattoo Meanings and Intricate Designs to Brave the Idea

Meanings and Design Ideas for Knight Tattoos
We have all read or heard about King Arthur and his most famous Knight, Sir Lancelot at some point or the other. Stories of the medieval times are quite fascinating, and also very symbolic too. We bring you a collection of some unique and interesting knight tattoo designs, along with its symbolism.
Rashmi Sunder
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
Double Meaning!
Contrary to its positive imagery in general, when the knight tattoo is sported by a prison member or a criminal, it has a very negative connotation. A fully armored knight represents an inmate who committed battery, assault, or vandalism.
When Thomas Malory first wrote his epic "Le Morte D'Arthur" in the 15th century, he never would have realized what an impact a (not-so) little piece of literature would have on the minds and lives of people. Today, if you think of the term "knight", you think of shiny armor, majestic swords, pretty maidens and princess riding behind her "knight in shining armor", and generally of a gentleman with the best of manners.

And not unlike what you have summed up the word "knight" to mean, when it all first started out, knights came from lower nobility, and they were bestowed with the title for the services they have rendered to their Lord, Master, or King. It could also be given for the sacrifices and achievements made for their country. They were great warriors trained in the art of sword fighting, especially on a horse, and for their strict adherence to the "Code of Honor", their loyalty, chivalry, and bravery.

We bring you some colorful and artistic tattoos depicting knights, along with the meaning and symbolism for the same! Hope these pieces serve as inspirations for the next time you plan on getting inked!
Detailed Back Piece
man with fighting knight tattoo
The knight has often be used to depict the battle of Good vs. Evil, and if you plan on going big, this artistic piece is a fun way to incorporate a knight into!
Knight and Snake Emblem
man with ouroboros knight tattoo
Using the medieval symbol like the knight and adding traditional elements to it is a perfect way to add depth to your tattoo. The snake represents a creative force of life, and goes well with the brave and chivalrous knight.
Colorful Crusader Emblem
man with knight tattoo
The crusader knight is a symbol of strength and bravery, and looks great in color, and if you have a nice Latin quote to go with it, even better! The one mentioned in the image translates to "I Shine, not Burn", and works well as a chest piece.
Black and White Arm Piece
man with snake knight tattoo
The sword is a symbol of protection and strength, the snake is a life force, and the knight is your honorable warrior. Together, they almost tell a story or can represent your virtues and your way of life!
Knight Bust - Neckpiece
knight mascot
If you are looking for a smaller piece that is still eye-catching, this knight bust is the perfect choice for you. It has the right amount of pop with the red and has well-defined features that are sure to turn heads!
Knight on Horse Sleeve Piece
man with knight on horse tattoo
If you're looking to create a nice story piece, or even a detailed cohesive image, then getting sleeved is the way to go. You can add your very own kind of knight, be it a crusader, English knight, a Templar, or a black/dark knight. You can also choose the kind of armor, the horse, and the background, which adds a personal touch to the piece.
Some Other Knight Tattoo Designs
knight with scroll tattoo
knights with shield tattoo
You can mix and match your knight any way you like. Go with the classic blacks, grays and red, or add a touch of color. You can also use heraldry emblems, weaponry, shields, swords, and helmets, and of course, the majestic horses! You can also choose if you want to have them on foot, riding, or kneeling down. There is so much you can do with these tattoos based on personal preference, that is a dream for both the artist and the person getting tattooed!
The knight is a symbol for the following characteristics:
  • Loyalty
  • Honor
  • Chivalry
  • Bravery
  • Strength
  • Protector
  • Pride
  • Fighter
  • Respect
  • Passion
  • Courage
  • Nobility/Royalty
The dark or black knight represents death, evil, misery, and fear. It can also be used to symbolize brute strength. Historically, it was the title given to Zawisza Czarny z Garbowa, a Polish knight, due to his black hair and armor. He was known for his impeccable virtues and skills on the battlefield. People also view the term "black knight" as a race-related term.
There is a lot you can do with your knight tattoo, write from the conception, to the colors, to the placement, and what you want to portray. Think long and hard before you get inked because even with corrective surgery, it's hard to go back once you have a tattoo! Be brave and soldier on!
Trumpet Player with tattoo
Tattooed man resting
Tough Tattooed Guy
Angry tattooed man
Muscular man with tattoo
Man showing tattoo