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Love Tattoo Designs

Love Tattoo Designs
Love tattoo designs say more than words can ever express. Here are a few love tattoos designs explained in detail about what they represent in terms of love.
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Tattoos are symbols that tell a story without using words. History of tattoos and body art, suggests that these indelible markings were worn for personal adornment, for marking a status symbol, signs of religious beliefs, forms of punishments, and as a declaration of love. Love conquers all the other reasons to wear a tattoo. Love tattoos for couples are very popular. Some wear it to proclaim their undying love and some wear it in memory of their love. Whatever the reason may be, these tattoos are a mark of being in love forever. Here are a few designs and their meanings.
Heart Tattoo
Love heart tattoo designs are the most commonly made tattoo designs. Most heart tattoos reflect adoration, passion and love. However, heart tattoos have other connotations too, depending on their design. A bleeding heart represents lost love. Needless to say a broken heart stands for rejection, dejection and a failed relationship. A pierced heart tattoo with swords and arrows shows sad unforgettable memories. Hearts with dagger stand for bravery and betrayal. Finally, hearts with wings are a representation of freedom, free spirit, and boundless love.
Lip Tattoo
Lip tattoos do not mean tattoo on the lip, they rather imply tattoo of the lip. Lips being the visible part of body, become an outright declaration of sensuality and sexuality. Since they are a tactile and erogenous organ, lip tattoos represent a deep sexual desire. So, if a man draws a lip tattoo, it shows his sexual appeal. Essentially, a lip tattoo in totality stands for intimacy, arousal, and stimulation.
Cupid Tattoo
According to Roman mythology, Cupid is the God of love. The name Cupid comes from the word, Cupido, meaning desire. Cupid is a capricious child, depicted with a bow and arrow, often seen as a symbol of Valentine's Day. Thus, a Cupid stands for the innate desire for true love. This tattoo is usually used to commemorate love of a lifetime.
Wedding Rings
Wedding rings as love tattoos are also a popular design. They represent permanency and stability. They stay on forever and there is never a fear of losing them. Thus, wedding rings as tattoos are great ideas for couples who want to save money and be permanently stuck on each other! A tattooed wedding ring, indeed, shows commitment and solidity.
Rose Tattoo
Rose has been drawn as a tattoo for eons. It may be clich├ęd for a few, but it has stood the test of time and has been proven as a very famously used symbol of love. It symbolizes purity of love and its sweet fragrance. Interestingly, rose is a popular tattoo design for women and men. This unisex tattoo reflects passion, chastity, and the eternally beautiful words, 'I love you'. However, meaning of the rose tattoo varies with its colors. A white rose depicts peace and reverence, and a yellow rose stands for joy and bliss. Light pink rose shows sympathy and admiration, and red rose simply shows love at first sight. In the olden times a white rose also symbolized virginity.
With a wide range of tattoo designs, there's so much you can do for love's sake. Hope these meanings and symbolization will help you find the right way to confess your love and make it immortal too.
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