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Lion Tattoos on Arm

Stephen Rampur Nov 17, 2018
Getting lion tattoos on arms is the best way to display strength and virility. Here's more on the various types and styles of this body art.
People try many different things to show off their level of strength, aggression, power, and activeness. One great way of showing all the virile qualities and attributes is by sporting lion body art.
For many centuries, the power, courage, and fierceness of the King of the Jungle has been revered. The lion has always been related to someone who is strong and brave. As a result, the people who prefer to sport lion body art are either bodybuilders or individuals who have a good physique.
A majority of people who sport lion tattoos favor a naturalistic portrayal. Some individuals display the grace of a calm lion, whereas others may choose to depict the fierceness of this majestic animal with the teeth shown in a thunderous roar.
A professional tattoo artist should have no trouble inking all the different poses of a lion, so you need not be worried about choosing a simple design.

Size and Variations

There are a variety of different choices for the styles and sizes of designs in lion tattoos. You have the option of getting a tattoo with a huge, full-body portrayal of the lion, or simplifying the design by getting just the lion head inked.
Lion head tattoos largely contribute to adding better details to the face of lion, and show direct emotions. They need to be applied suitably, according to the size of and surface on the arm. Bodybuilders can opt for getting bigger lion heads inked, as their arms are bigger for the designs to be set perfectly.
Moreover, with the size options, there are many types of color alternatives that you may choose from. You can opt for one individual color, or a variety of different blazing colors to make the tattoo more real. Particolored lion designs are generally favored due to the greater detail available. However, getting them done may cost you a small fortune.
In addition to the size and color, there are many other aspects that you can think of for making the body art different from the rest. To make the design more elaborated, you can include a setting to the tattoo itself, like a jungle or green plains. Adding details to the background would certainly make your design stand out from the crowd.
The cost of the tattoo will typically depend on the size and the complex detail that you want to add in.


Here are some of the more famous lion body art design that can be inked on the arms. If you are having trouble with conceptualizing you own unique tattoo, then going in for any of the ones described ahead will be a good option for you.
Before deciding on a particular design, it is important to keep in mind that tattoos are lifelong and their removal is a difficult process. While you can design your own body art, getting standard designs is always a safer option.

The Lion of Judah

This is one of the most common designs that is worn by people. It is a lion in full glory, wearing a crown and embracing a spear, and turning away from a burning city in the setting.
The symbolism refers to Jesus Christ, the crown being an identification of his kingship, and the spear and the burning city being his transformation of the world to a state of grace.

Tribal Lion

Tribal lion body art is usually the head or whole body of a mighty lion, with the hair and mane deftly made in thick, dark, yet graceful lines.
Because these kinds of designs are gaining in popularity, a majority of the tribal lion tattoo professionals are preferring to vary their work by utilizing a touch of color or altering the bold lines with an additional delicate tinge.

Celtic Lion

Celtic lion designs are more specialized, hence they are mostly worn by people who want to send a direct message across.
A few artists also feature symbols similar from heraldry; such as "lion dormant" for lying down, "passant" for walking, "statant" for standing on four legs, or "rampant" which relates to a tattoo with the lion on hind legs with front claws in the air.
Lion body art certainly serves the purpose of sending across a message of strength, bravery, courage, and all other qualities of a lion.
Along with their aggressive picture and characteristics, they also look beautiful and bright. Due to their beauty, attractiveness, and fury, many women are considering getting lions inked on their body in a bid to portray themselves as wild cats.