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Lion Tattoos For Men

Lion Tattoos For Men

Lion tattoos symbolize all the virtues and meanings related to the lion. Here are some design ideas to choose from.
Madhura Pandit
The ancient concept of body art or tattoos is very popular even today. With myriad design options available, it is quite difficult to choose a single tattoo. However, the simplest thing to keep in mind is to have a tattoo that connotes your personality and thoughts.
Lion Tattoos
These designs are very popular and in demand these days. The reason being that the lion tends to captivate people in the world. The imposing personality and the sheer strength of the lion is enough to awe mortals. Therefore, by inscribing a lion tattoo, one tries to express all the characteristics associated with the lion. They include strength, confidence, determination, and vigor. Similarly, as the lion is known as the King of the Jungle, some people even have a lion tattoo to symbolize power, authority, and prestige.

Lion tattoos for men can be made in different patterns like the Celtic or the tribal forms. The Celtic lion tattoo stands for dignity, courage, and justice. Similarly, lion tattoo with a crown is used to symbolize royalty and sovereignty. As the lion is also a symbol of the zodiac sign Leo, many people born under this sign have this tattoo made on their body.
Tribal lion head tattoo
Black white lion head tattoo
Angry lion head tattoo
Lion head tattoo
Roaring lion head tattoo
Black lion silhouette tattoo
Angry lion head tattoo
Lion with wings tattoo
Orange black lion head tattoo
Lion head with crown tattoo
Although the concept of tattooing is favored by both men and women, there are certain symbols and designs that look great only when donned by guys. As the lion is a masculine figure, these tattoos are usually made by men, than women. If you have decided for sure to have a lion tattoo, there are several options of designs to choose from. As mentioned above, the Celtic and the tribal tattoos simply look great. On the other hand, you can go for various versions of the lion, like roaring lion tattoos, lion face tattoos, lion in the jungle tattoos, or simply a lion at peace. For e.g., a roaring lion stands for an aggressive personality who is sure of his power and capability, whereas a lion at peace signifies strength hidden under a calm exterior. Sometimes, a lion is also portrayed with a small and meek animal like the lamb or a rabbit, which represents peace.

It is recommended that you consider the meaning before inscribing a tattoo. Although it will be considered a bold step, it will never fail to look attractive and convey the meaning associated with it. Whether you are a first timer or not, it is always advisable to get a tattoo done by a professional artist. He can suggest you several ideas, or you can even be creative and come up with your own.
A lion tattoo can unanimously be called one of the best tattoos out there. It definitely helps in adding that X factor to your personality.
Vector image of female lion
Vector of lion female