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Lily Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos have been accepted in almost all parts of the world. As there are many meanings associated with lily flower tattoos, they have become very popular among tattoo lovers.
Bhakti Satalkar Jan 9, 2019
The history of flower tattoos dates back to the time when the art of tattoo making started. These tattoos have always been very popular among women as they are very feminine, pretty, fashionable and trendy. The other reason for the popularity of flower tattoos is due to the meanings attached to different flowers.
There are certain hidden meanings which make flower tattoos very intriguing. Flower tattoos can be small and delicate or they can also be big, bold, colorful and eclectic. As far as the flower tattoo designs are concerned, a person can opt for single flower or for a chain of flowers or even combine flower and vine tattoo designs.
Among flower tattoos, some are very popular, namely, rose, hibiscus, cherry blossom, lilies, etc.

Lily Flower Tattoo Meaning

Lily tattoos have a variety of meanings attached to them.
The white lily denotes innocence, chastity and purity, whereas spotted pink blooms mean sensuality. Orange lily symbolizes passion while in some cultures it also symbolizes hatred. In some cultures, the shape of the lily also has its own significance. A trumpet-like flower has been associated with erotic love and procreation.
For Christians, the lily gives a message that 'God provides' and the lily emerges as a symbol of faith and of surrender to God's will. Looking at the meaning of the lily liturgically, it is seen as a symbol of Easter, Christ himself, resurrection and immortality.
If a lily is placed near a coffin, it symbolizes death as well as purity. Because of the association of the lily with Christ, it also comes to mean newly departed soul; those who have led a virtuous life of faith will find resurrection hereafter.
Some Christians also associate lilies with the Virgin Mary, symbolizing her purity. On the other hand, for Egyptians and ancient Greeks, the lily was seen as a symbol of fertility. In medieval times, a lily denoted innocence. A calla lily denotes beauty while a tiger lily means pride or prosperity. For the Jews, a lily is an emblem of the tribe of Judah.

Lily Flower Tattoo Designs

Among lily tattoo designs, the two most recognizable types of lilies are the white lily and the star-gazer lily.
The white lily has large blooms with soft velvety petals and tall, slender green stalks with linear leaves. The star-gazer lily has bold colors where the edges of the petals are lined in bright white while deep inside there are lush pink hue and red spots. Although they are different from one another, they are identifiable as a part of the Liliaceae family.
Water lily tattoos are also chosen as they stand for purity of heart.
The choices and styles available for lily tattoos for girls are seemingly endless. The design can be a realistic full color image or a black tribal floral design. It can also be incorporated with many different styles and imagery which will make them a great accessory to other pieces or even used as fillers in sleeve tattoos or back tattoos.
If you are wondering about the placement of lily flower tattoos, you again have a wide variety of options. You can go for a foot tattoo, wrist tattoo, ankle tattoo, lower back tattoo, stomach tattoo, etc. If you are fond of big tattoos, then you can have a lily vine tattoo running across your torso.
The other areas for elaborate and detailed flower tattoos are the ribs, arms, shoulder-blade or back. Since there is, indeed, a myriad range of designs available in lily tattoos, you can also put your creativity and imagination to use and come up with something unique which you will be proud of forever.