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Leo Tattoos for Guys

Leo Tattoos for Guys
Zodiac tattoos have been a craze for a while now. If you are planning to join the trend and if you are a guy born under the Leo sign, then this article on Leo tattoos for guys should help you choose a design for yourself.
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No more do tattoos suffer from the negative association of being the marks of rebels and gang members. Today getting oneself tattooed is an accepted form of self expression. Choosing designs for one's tattoo is an extremely personal decision but there are many different types of tattoo designs that are generally popular. One of the most common and popular tattoo design is a zodiac sign tattoo. Many people like getting themselves inked with designs that are representative of the zodiac sign that they belong to. In this article, we focus on zodiac sign tattoos for men born under that sun sign Leo.
Ideas for Leo Tattoos
There are some characteristics that define every sun sign. People belonging to a particular zodiac sign are known to showcase similar traits. Most people born under the Leo sign are known to be not only fiery but also extremely strong willed. They are born leaders who may sometimes come across as domineering and bossy. Leos are often very ambitious and they like to be at the very top of everything that they undertake. It is rare that a Leo will settle for second best. The sun sign Leo is symbolized by the Lion and if you are a Leo guy, then there are many different tattoo designs that you can choose from that represent the person you are the sun sign you belong to.
It goes without saying that one of the first designs that you will think of as soon as you hear of Leo tattoos for guys is that of a lion. It is a tattoo design that befits a typical Leo male. There are many different designs that you could opt for. From a lion ready to pounce on its prey to just the face of the Lion, there is absolutely no limit. You could also opt for either black images or colored tattoos depending on your personal preference. These tattoos look really good when placed on the upper arm, the chest, the back, etc.
Astrological Sign
Every zodiac sign is symbolized by a specific sign. In the case of Leo tattoos this sign is an inverted U with coiled ends. The Leo zodiac sign glyph is a perfect sign for someone who does not want a very huge tattoo and is looking for a smaller and more subtle representation of their sign. There are many different body areas where you can get such a tattoo like the wrist or even the shoulder blade.
While both the options given above can look spectacular on their own, combining the two together can provide you with a design that looks absolutely breathtaking. You can choose to design a tattoo in such a manner that the head of the glyph morphs into the face of a lion. You can also ask your tattoo artist to create a tattoo design for you in which the form and face of the lion is shaped to resemble the form of the glyph. The placement of these combination tattoos can be similar to the tattoos that feature the lion. Another area where you can get yourself tattooed is your nape.
To personalize the tattoos further you can choose to accentuate the design with a quote that is true to the characteristics of Leos, or even get the word Leo inked in another script or language. You can choose to add elements of fire or flames around the tattoo as that is another synonymous feature with the zodiac. There is absolutely no limit to the kind of innovation that can be done with Leo zodiac tattoos. Leo tattoos for guys, if done well, can be quite stunning. The designs that are synonymous with the zodiac sign have a sense of regalia and royalty attached to them which are perfect for men to sport.
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