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Leo Tattoos for Girls

Naomi Sarah Apr 17, 2019
A leo tattoo can signify a lot of different meanings for those who believe in astrology, and the way it governs our lives. Learn about which leo tattoo designs best signify this sign's strongest attributes.
If you are a Leo, sport a tattoo that is the embodiment of your sign - the Sun. Being Leo's ruling star (planet, in astrology talk), it speaks for itself when a Leo is seen inked with this very symbol.
Leos showcase their strengths of generosity, confidence, loyalty, creativity and ambitiousness topping their list of traits on the bright side. Although on the dark side, they can be stubborn, pretentious, melodramatic, egoistic and vain, flaring up when the opportunity presents itself to spit fire.
Many Leo born people out there might disagree with some of the traits, but you may not know for a fact about these unless someone else were to take a step back and give you their views.
So let's move on to the real matter at hand; getting a tattoo done. So for Leos out there who want to show off their signs proudly and have it inked for life onto their skins, these ideas should have you making a conscious decision to go ahead.

Leo Tattoo Designs for Girls

There are girls who are feminine and those that aren't, with many of them who want to portray a tough, masculine persona, because it speaks more for them. You'll find a blend of both personalities here, that you can merge as one or choose to include individually.

The Epic Lion

Nothing symbolizes the Leo zodiac perfectly, than the lion. There are so many variations of this beast that you can have drawn up, with creative detailing as your base.
You could have a majestic lion staring out at you, with fine details in its fur with professional shading work done (you can check out what 3D tattooing is, to really give people something to talk about).
If you want to add color, do not go for black ink only, for it can look more panther-like than a lion. Go instead for either the lion head with great shading work, or stick to its brown-skinned look depending on the color tone of your skin.
For those who have a skin tone that falls on the darker side, you can go with a bold outline, without any filling but perhaps a pattern within that has tribal design detailing (or any other pattern that works).

The Zodiac Symbol

The symbol that has a circle with an upward rise, which then dips down below, before tipping outwards as it ends is another idea that you can go with. 
These are pretty cool to ink onto small areas of the body like the wrists, or the little area just below your thumb, or your forearm or maybe even the nape of your neck.
Use your imagination (you're a Leo after all) to depict interesting designs of what it can translate into, or stick to the less complex if that's what you choose to go with. Just be sure you're happy with it initially, before deciding to get it inked onto yourself.

Written in the Stars

For those who want to really give this idea a creative twist, can have the constellation inked on them, with either a medium-sized variation on your forearm, or the side of your thigh / leg or the best place for something this detailed - your back.
You can really go above and beyond when it comes to this idea, just make sure you go to a tattoo artist who can really capture the essence of the tattoo and turn it into a work of art.

The Burning Sun

The sun in the Leo's zodiac can be played with colors, designs, shapes and interpretations that can symbolize the fifth sign of the zodiac in an out of the box manner. You can have a beautiful maiden or a ruthless female warrior holding the sun in one hand or a lion merged with the sign - the sun can have the lion's head at its center.
For those who want to go all out can have these zodiac combinations inked onto their bodies. For girls who want simpler options can opt for just the sun and experiment with different styles that are easily available on tattoo design web portals.

Textual Interpretation

You can choose characteristic traits that speak more for you than the sign as a whole, and have these tattooed instead. You could go with single words, or a string of traits or even the zodiac word itself 'Leo'. Juggle with fonts and colors since this can be quite an interesting option to go with, being as versatile an option as it is.
The tattoo designs mentioned here can give you an idea on how to go about your choice of Leo zodiac tattoos. Just be sure to do your research and go to a trusted tattooist who will do justice to your artwork.
The best way to know if a tattoo artist is as good as he / she claims they are or if others for that matter put in a word for them, is to first check his / her past work and then decide whether to go ahead with them or not.