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Leo Sign Tattoos

Leo Sign Tattoos
Leo zodiac tattoos are sported by people born under this zodiac sign. If you too wish to go for these tattoos, the designs and ideas mentioned in this article will be helpful to you.
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The olden tradition of making tattoos is back in fashion. It is one of the best forms of art today and is favored by men and women of all age groups, all over the world. Tattoos are a form of art which is used for expression of one's individuality, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, etc. As there are endless types or designs of tattoos available today, everyone will surely find a design that suits his or her personality. Among the different designs found today, zodiac tattoos are the most popular because of their uniqueness. Your thoughts and perceptions may change in the course of life; however, it is only your zodiac sign that remains constant. Therefore, a zodiac sign design is perfect for those having a tattoo made for the first time, or for those who wish to have only a single tattoo.
Leo Tattoo Designs
People born between 22nd July to 23rd August belong to the zodiac sign Leo. This is a fire sign, ruled by the Sun. The symbol of the zodiac sign is a lion and individuals belonging to this sign portray characteristics and traits similar to their zodiac symbol. For e.g., Leo individuals are dominating and bossy, warmhearted and social like the King of Jungle. Therefore, the lion is the aptest tattoo design for these individuals.
The Lion
As the symbol of this zodiac sign, the lion is the most popular design used by people. A lion symbolizes strength, power, courage, bravery, leadership. Therefore, people belonging to this sign go for this design to symbolize the traits (that most of them already have) or to develop them in oneself. It is believed that having a lion tattoo increases one's strength and makes him courageous. You can either tattoo only the head of the lion or its entire body on your arms, back, chest, leg, etc. A roaring lion, silent lion, sleeping lion, etc. are some tattoo designs for men and women.
The Glyph
The glyph is the symbol that is also associated with every zodiac sign. The Leo glyph is shaped like an inverted 'U' with one end coiled. Those wishing to have a smaller tattoo, like on a wrist, neck, etc.; can have the glyph made on their body. The glyph is usually made in navy blue or black color. If you wish to have an elaborate tattoo design, you can have a combination of the lion and the glyph.
The Sun
The sun is the ruling planet of the Leo zodiac sign and therefore, it is also one of the design options that can be considered. The sun is also one of the most symbolic tattoo design which symbolizes courage, strength, vigor, etc. A smiling sun, raging sun, sun with lion, etc. are some ideas for men and women. One of the advantage of having a sun tattoo is that it can be made in colorful patterns using colors like yellow, red, blue, etc.
The Leo Constellation
The sign constellation, roughly shaped like a lion's body, is also one of the popular Leo sign tattoos today. It can be made using dark colors, but, requires larger surface area. However, it is very difficult to identify the design of the Leo constellation at a first glance. This tattoo is meant for only those who really wish to have something unique and different.
You can also consult a professional tattoo artist or look on the Internet to find more designs that appeal to you. Lastly, remember that care should be taken while making permanent tattoos and they should be made only by a certified artist, with experience. Good luck!
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