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Ladybug Tattoos on the Foot

Mamta Mule Jan 2, 2019
Having ladybug tattoos on the foot is amongst the latest trends in the tattoo world. So, if you are eager to have one and love this beautiful and rare insect, then you are at the right place. Read on to know more about this tattoo.
One of the most amazing and popular images in tattoos is that of the ladybug. Considered to be one of the luckiest insects all over the world, this is a popular choice for many who seek a lifetime of good fortune and well-being. It is also believed that this cute creature brings luck in love.
There are many such positive beliefs associated with these lovely insects, so you can understand the reason behind its popularity. Though, having a ladybug inked on the foot is a common trend amongst women, men are also using them as a fashion statement. So, if you want to have marvelous looking ladybug tattoos on the foot just read the tips given ahead.


You can pair the ladybug design with other designs considering the placement and how much space of your foot is available for the entire design.
You can pair them with stars, butterflies, flowers, or other designs to have a perfect looking tattoo on your foot. You can also incorporate this design in a tribal tattoo. Make sure the design is visible and emphasized very well. A vine which incorporates ladybugs will form a fantastic design that can be inked on the ankle or the wrist.


Though red and black is what most of you might think when you imagine a ladybug, you can go with any color combination that you like. There are actually several species which have different colors. Whatever colors you love can be a part of this design. There's no need to use just red with black spots. Don't use more than three colors in your design.
Red, yellow, orange, black, and green are the commonly used colors. A perfect color combination is a must for the design to look absolutely stunning.


This tattoo is usually small, just like the real life size of ladybugs. The small size is actually what makes it a perfect design for the ankle, toes, feet, fingers, neck, lower back, and wrist. If you want to have a larger design it is good to combine ladybugs with other designs.
Remember, the tattoos will look cute when small in size, huge ladybugs will definitely look weird. Due to its compact sizing, many girls love to have this design inked on the wrist as a single design or as part of wristband design.
You can explore your creativity to mix and match various designs. Always make sure that your tattoo artist is licensed and operates out of a clean shop to ensure a safe experience. Also you must follow all the aftercare instructions to avoid any infection.