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Koi Tattoo Designs

Koi Tattoo Designs
Koi tattoo designs are Japanese gifts to the tattoo and body art world. If you are looking for such designs, then this article helps with some ideas.
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Koi tattoo designs have a rich Japanese mythological history and importance. Several Chinese and Japanese myths, stories, fables, and legends have mentioned the strength and longevity of koi fish. In many of these legends, Koi fish are transformed into dragons and can climb waterfalls, through continuous effort and persistence. Koi tattoo symbols represent consistency in the time of hardships and strength of character with a purpose. The carp represents loyalty, wisdom, sapience, knowledge, and longevity. They are basically carp fish tattoo designs and can be inked in many hues of gold and yellow. Some are also inked in orange and multi-color. Moreover, they make great black and white tattoo designs too.
Small Designs
One of the most popular designs in the world of tattoos today, are koi tattoos. Usually these are multi-shaded in hues of yellow, golden, and orange, since these colors are the typical colors of the koi fish. The beauty of a koi fish tattoo design lies in its scales. Ask your tattoo artist to color its scales in orange, red, and golden yellow colors. A great idea for a small design could be, getting it done on your ankle. Usually, these designs are seen in men as they symbolize strength and masculinity. But getting them done on the ankle, is a good idea for women connoisseurs of tattoos. If you are considering a small tattoo, you can combine and customize it with a small message. Moreover, getting it inked in Japanese script would make it look authentic, and also add to the Asian charm that it already has.

There are many ways in which these designs can work well with men. Multi-colored koi tattoos combined with small flames or a small picture of a sea wave are few excellent ideas for flaunting Japanese tattoo art on your forearm. Men can also get them inked on their shoulder blades and arms. Combining it with other designs like forearm tattoos, is a great option. A sun behind a koi fish is also a good choice.
Large Designs
These can look amazingly bold in men and women as well. Many Japanese men have inked themselves with a single large koi fish design all over their back. However, there are many more interesting ideas that can look mesmerizing on your skin, if colored well. A bold yet beautiful choice could be a giant dragon combined with a koi fish. You can also consider adding flames to the design. Consider coloring it with inks like yellow, bright orange, pink, and red. Many dragon koi tattoo designs can also be combined with a koi fish tattoo design.
A pair of koi fish leaping in serene blue sea water is a great idea for women. Consider getting it on your back or on your arm. Men can combine a large koi fish with a giant monster and style it as if the koi fish is fighting with the monster. It represents your ability to fight against all odds which is one of the most meaningful thoughts behind a tattoo. A fighting koi fish tattoo is one of the most traditional Japanese koi tattoos. If you are considering getting a large design, please make sure that the scales and fins of the koi fish are made with extra details. Ask your tattoo artist to do the artwork with intricacy.
Pairing a large koi fish with orchids or other beautiful flowers or vine is a great idea that women can try out. A single-colored koi fish leaping over the sea waves with a crescent-shaped moon is also a lovely idea. While considering this one, make sure your tattoo artist uses dark colors like black, gray, and dark purple to make it look like a night scene. If you use colors like yellow and orange, this tattoo would look meaningless since it should have a starry night look to it.
single koi fish
Koi Fish with flowers
Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo
Kois Fish with sea waves
Koi Fish Swimming
Pair Of Koi Fish
Koi Fish Tattoo
Blue Koi Fish
The Meaning
Koi tattoos can be inked on sleeve, arms, back, ankles, and wrists. They have many deep meanings behind it. It is a symbol of massive strength and masculinity. Legend has it that if a koi succeeded in climbing the waterfalls at a point called the Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would get transformed into a dragon. Based on this legend, koi tattoos became symbols of worldly inspiration and advancement. You will be surprised to know that koi fish has a deep importance in Buddhism. The koi fish represents fearlessness in its journey through the ocean, which reminds us of human sufferings through the journey of life.
Remember that getting such a tattoo would be making a really bold statement through body art. So, choose a design that is most meaningful to you. Make sure that it holds the same importance all your life. Get it inked only from a certified tattoo artist. Whether you get it tattooed for its deep meaning or its charming beauty and longevity, it will always remind you of the courage you are supposed to have while leading your own life full of happiness as well as hardships.