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Koi Fish Tattoos for Girls

Mubasherin Sayed Nov 20, 2018
Koi fish tattoos for girls come in various designs and colors, and you can customize these designs by adding some more elements to make them look unique. Read on to know more.
Koi fish tattoos are a part of Japanese body art.
They are associated with Japanese mythology, and depict the koi fish, which is a domesticated carp fish found in Japan. According to Japanese mythology, this fish represents perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose, as it has the spirit to overcome all hurdles that come in its way and the proficiency to achieve its goals.
In Chinese mythology, it is a symbol of luck. They have become one of the most popular types of tattoos today. They have always been in demand with women, but nowadays, even men are getting them done.


Koi fish body art comes in elegant designs. They are really beautiful, and come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can find these designs in bright colors, like orange and red.
Men usually get these designs inked on their calves, thighs, shoulders and back; whereas women get them on their hips, waists, thighs and arms. These tattoos generally have a typical design consisting of a blue background that depicts water with a fish playing in it in the foreground.
They can also be made with a combination of lotus flowers or maple leaves.

Designs for Girls

These tattoos come in beautiful designs which look really good on girls. You should choose the colors of your body art according to your skin tone. Girls with a dark or olive skin tone should go for bright colors, as they are very noticeable on the darker skin tone.
There is a famous koi fish design named the Yin and Yang. It includes only two colors, black and white. This design looks good on a lighter skin tone, and is suitable for girls who want a conservative and classy look. If you want a more traditional look, you can go for colors like yellow, gold, white, red, or black.
You can also make a design by combining all these colors to get a more conventional look. Girls with a yellowish skin tone can opt for a gold, red, or yellow design. For girls with a whitish or a pinkish skin tone, colors like blue, red, black, and white look good.


Positioning of the tattoo is also very important. Make sure that you place it on the right part of your body. School-going girls, or girls with a conservative nature, should avoid placing tattoos on their neck, lower arm, hand, or wrist, as they will be visible. The same applies to working women.
Offices with a strict dress code will not appreciate body art that is visible and they will not complement a formal attire as well. In such cases, better place your tattoo in a place where it would not be noticeable. But, if you are ready to flaunt your beautiful bright body art, you can place it anywhere you want; on your neck, arm, ankle, wrist, or back.
After deciding the color and the place where your tattoo will be placed, you need to think about the design and the elements you would like to add to it. Some of the designs which girls can add are flowers, a flowing stream, or any other symbol of your choice.