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Vibrant Koi Fish Tattoo Designs That Showcase Courage and Bravery

Koi Fish Tattoo Designs
Koi fish tattoos are among the traditional tattoos that have seen a tremendous growth in popularity across the world. They have a universal appeal among tattoo lovers for their exquisite beauty and charm, along with their association with many Chinese and Japanese legends and myths, in which Koi fish are the mysterious creatures who would transform into the mighty dragons, if able to reach the top of the 'Dragon Gate Fall'.
Chandramita Bora
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
koi fish and buddhism
In Buddhism, Koi fish symbolize courage and bravery with which they embark on their journey through the ocean.
koi fish - courageous
The Koi stands for the importance of being courageous in the journey of life. The mystic association coupled with elaborate designs and bright shimmering colors, have made this traditional tattoo a favorite in the entire world.
Koi Fish Tattoo Art
koi fish - signifies energy
Koi fish are one of the most energetic fish, and this is reason for which they are usually depicted in bright shades with lots of movement. The traditional color schemes are black and white. These traditional colors are quite popular throughout the world, but the use of bright hues can further enhance the beauty of this tattoo. Another most widely used color for making Koi fish design is golden yellow. Even the red and blue Koi fish tattoos look great. However, the choice of color generally depends on the skin tone and complexion of an individual. For example, those with yellowish skin tone can go for yellow, gold, or red colored tattoos, while black, red, and blue colors, would look beautiful on a pinkish complexion.
The tattoo designs can vary from a solitary fish, to one with exotic backgrounds, like splashing or flowing water. Floral backgrounds, like floating lotus flowers or cherry blossoms can also add an exotic touch to these tattoos. Tattoos depicting the journey and transformation of Koi fish into dragons are especially popular among men, who look for masculine tattoos, symbolizing strength and courage. In addition to these, a lot of designs can be created by portraying different movements, accompanied by the rich colors and elements of Japanese art. Koi fish tattoos can also be used as zodiac tattoos, especially the Pisces zodiac tattoo. For this, the symbolic curved lines of the Pisces zodiac tattoo are simply replaced by two Koi fish. Below here are some Koi fish tattoo designs, which you can consider for tattooing.
koi fish- tattoo design
koi fish - tattoo design
koi fish - tattoo design
koi fish - tattoo design
koi fish - tattoo design
koi fish- tattoo design
Koi Fish Symbolism
Popularly, Koi fish tattoos are associated with good luck and perseverance, the basic qualities required for a successful life. The story of Koi fish swimming upstream against the current of water to reach the top of the dragon gate waterfall, can be interpreted as the struggle against the odds of life to reach the desired goal. So, these tattoos represent ambition and aspiration, which can be achieved only after overcoming the obstacles of life.
koi fish - symbolism
In Japanese culture, Koi fish also symbolizes love, along with good fortune. The act of swimming upstream against the current of water, depicts strength in adversity. In Chinese culture, Koi fish are the symbol of good luck, masculinity, and strength. It is a well-known fact that, Koi fish are very energetic and have the innate ability to adjust to any kind of climate and water conditions, for which they are supposed to symbolize strength and determination.
koi fish - symbolism
Placement of the Tattoo
As far as the location of this tattoo is concerned, the most popular places are back and shoulder. But, it can also be used to adorn arms, chest, ribs, and shoulder. Its popularity is also growing as a latest tattoo design for girls. It looks simply remarkable as tattoos for wrist, feet, and shoulder blades, especially in girls.
Koi fish tattoos are great for both men and women, who are looking for a symbol of good fortune, abundance, and strength. But, make sure that you choose the right color, design, and position, along with a unique background, to make it a tattoo that can be cherished for a long time.
Koi carp tattoo illustration
Koi carp tattoo design
Illustration of koi carp