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Koi Dragon Tattoo

Koi Dragon Tattoo
Koi dragon tattoos are those which have the dragons, that are chimeras of the Japanese koi fish and the dragon. They are very well-known among the youth today. If you too are a tattoo fan, take a look at the designs given below.
Aparna Jadhav
The Koi dragon is one of the mythical characters in the Japanese culture which is not actually a dragon. It is a Japanese fish (Koi fish), which has the power to turn into a dragon. The koi dragon starts to swim off as a fish up a river, and when it reaches a certain waterfall, it tries to cross it. If it is able to cross the waterfall, then it transforms itself into a dragon, and is thus known as the koi dragon.
These tattoos are a hit with both men and women as they are colorful and large tattoo designs. The design doesn't need any more combination of designs with it, as it has the body of the koi fish and the face of the dragon. Thus, the colors that are used are the best part of these tattoo designs.
Japanese Designs
The meaning from the above mentioned mythical belief is that the tattoo stands for courage and perseverance. As the koi fish swims up the river and transforms itself to a dragon, it symbolizes that nothing is impossible when you believe. If you work hard and put yourself to tests, you will eventually rise above your fears, and become the ruler of your destiny. The Japanese culture always taught its followers that hard work pays, and thus getting these tattoos can be very inspiring for the youth of today.
Conversion Designs
The very commonly used design of the koi dragon is the conversion of the koi fish into the dragon in the river. These tattoos have the mediocre phase in which the fish's body remains the same, and its face is turned into the dragon's face, and there is fire coming out of its mouth. This design is a colorful blend. The conversion also adds water in the design, thus there can thus be waves and clouds to accompany it. These various designs give the tattooers a liberty of mixing a variety of colors, and blending them together in such a way that it is impossible, not to like them.
Tribal Designs
There are different styles of painting these tattoos, and they are the tribal and Celtic types. The tribal tattoos with these koi dragons look very classy, as they are made with exclusively black ink and have many other tribal designs to go with them. Sometimes, there are scripts from the ancient Japanese tribal languages that have meanings, which are accompanied with these designs. The scripts make these designs look all the more attractive. The other way of making these tattoos is the Celtic way of drawings. These Celtic tattoos too are made with black ink, and are very structural in pattern.
These designs can be made on many parts of your body like the lower back, back, neck, sleeve, etc. They can be made as colorful as you want them, as this is a prominent peculiarity of the Japanese tattoos, and are thus preferred by many tattoo fans.
Vector koi fish
East Dragon
Celtic Tattoo with black ink