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Italian Tattoo Designs

Italian Tattoo Designs
Italian tattoos are very famous with Italians as well as other individuals who respect the Italian culture. Take a look at some unique designs given below for you to make a choice from.
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Italian culture and symbolism is a well accepted fact all over the world. There are many fans who love to get these exotic symbolic tattoos inked on their bodies. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are many things related to the Italian culture which are a favorite with tattooers and tattoo fans.
As tattoos are a great way of unsaid expression about your beliefs and feelings which hold importance for you, getting these tattoos can be an expression of patriotism as well as pride of the country's heritage. There are many choices you can opt for in these designs like the flag, the cross and the national flora and fauna.
Italian tattoos are found in many designs and can be made in various shapes and sizes. There are so many factors associated with this culture, that you can get a wide variety of designs to choose from. Italian phrases, freedom fighter names, the tricolor flag mixed with other tattoo designs and national emblems can make some great Italian pride tattoos that will stay with you forever. Since getting an tattoo is more of a guy preference, we will focus on these tattoo designs for men. They can also be used by women if they find these attractive and unique.
Tattoos for Men
Just like any other tattoo designs for men, these tattoos can be daggers, hearts, phrases, flags, etc., made in any colors of your choice. They are easy to make and less time-consuming, thus they are advised for beginners who are getting tattoos for the very first time.
Italian Cross Tattoos
Cross tattoos are very famous as they are the easiest to make and the simpler, the more attractive they look. Crosses are a symbol of religious beliefs and the expression of Christianity. Italian crosses can be considered as crosses with the tricolor of the Italian flag or simply a cross with an Italian phrase written at the base. These tattoos can have a cross made in the Celtic tattoo manner and a robe wrapped around it which signifies the robe of Jesus. 
This tattoo design can also be accompanied with a crown of thorns or praying hands tattoo designs to give it a more literal and religious look. Italian tattoos are very famous for their exuberant colors and thus you can add all the possible colors to make your tattoo look bright and beautiful. It is the tattooers talent that eventually counts while making these elegant and perfect tattoos.
Italian Symbol Tattoos
These tattoos can have a clover leaf in the tricolor of the Italian flag. The country of Italy can also be tattooed over any part of your body with the national colors in it. There can be phrases such as "La Dolce Vita", (the sweet life) or "Forza" (strength) or other romantic Italian phrases written on the skin. The national flower of Italy is the white lily and thus men and women both can get this emblem tattooed with a few combinations. 
Similarly the national bird of Italy, the bluebird can also be a great choice for an Italian tattoo design and you can make it look very colorful and bright. There are many other things which are a favorite with the Italians and can be made into tattoo designs. Out of which getting your name inked on yourself can add to your identity as well.
Italian tattoos can be very interesting and colorful and suits any part of your body, so get some great tattoo designs and flaunt them in front of all your friends.
Abstract Wing with Italy flag on white background. Vector
Old-school tattoo - Dagger through Rose
Close-Up of Beautiful Woman with Lilies and Matching Lily Tattoo